For 12-12-12, I did an introduction to shamanic journey at the Center for Holistic Health Community Center in old town Lafayette, where I live now for 14 years, right in Boulder County.

The Director of the Center has been coming to all my recent events and now more practitioners are joining in. I am hoping for more work over there in 2013 as it is 10 minutes from my home and office. We shall see.

The group stayed until 11:30PM on a weeknight, they enjoyed it so much! And asked me if I would consider redesigning my 2 year residential program to a one year program at the Center. Many of them are younger with kids at home. But, we are getting along fabulously.

Our circle focused on working with T’s and PA’s around the 12-12-12 and 12/21/12 Ascension of Mother Earth. We also did some Soul Retrieval work. These folks come from diverse backgrounds and trainings. We really had a great time together, and everyone was joking about “having a sleep over” using the practitioner offices like motel rooms! It was sweet.

Best to all in this amazing time of transmutation and opportunity for transfiguration!!!! Love and hugs too. Karen

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