FOLLOW UP With Denver Condo Owner, 12/21/18


I got Siri working on my phone!  I am so sorry I was so lost the day I came to your lovely home and office. 

Please let me know how you did with the rods going up and remember you can get an inexpensive CD player at Best Buy and get the electric plug-in for it if you like. 

If you are having any symptoms getting stirred up, pull back and don’t play the CD as much.  I would find your ‘happy place’ with this and run a lot as of your location.  We talked about the natural outdoors Feng Shui good points.  The hill coming down to you, then the hill going down to the park can be “energy drains”. 

It is definitely a viable choice for you to purchase the PERSONAL HARMONIZER and use in the home.  Especially with the sleep apnea and I thank you for sharing with me personal stuff so I can address it when trying to help you get stronger!  Also, this PERSONAL HARMONIZER can only help your growing your business!  So, you can take it off your taxes! 

Friendly reminder:  when you are ready to purchase, please remind me I told you I will give you 10% off even though the sale is off December 31st.

Nice meeting you and thanks for walking down to my car with me! Karen

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