The Beginning, by Karen Rice King

My Gratitude is Attitude Day, was introduced to replace the old. So much illusion surrounding
the founding
of this Land known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
So much truth surrounding
the founding
of LIFE ITSELF and Creation
Question Your Inner Voice, then Speak Your Truth.

Just sit on this Earth for even ONE minute a day. Eat your lunch or go to sleep. Watch the runners, the bikers, the leaves, the prairie dogs, the Prairie
Notice Migration, Patterns


traffic, cars, one person per car?
STORMS stronger than b-4? Or is our technology able to show us everything? And all the
NOTICE equipment they haul to photoshop OUR DISASTERS? Holy, Moly…..EARTH, join the movement

Dance the Full Moon on the Horizon and pull OVER…….. NOTICE

NOTICE the music playing. The kiss if there is one. The position of YOU under

HANDS IN CIRCLE this Night Sky. Get outdoors, look UP, sit on the ground or run a-round.l NOTICE nothing,





DRINK for if you have never heard the sound of your own breath in different situations. Then try LISTENING

Breathe the Breath
the Laugh, Cry, Smile, Smirk through YOUR Breath.
Kiss through your insecurity. Laugh and Sing through your position.
WATER sparingly, yet rinse your body and drink water often, with the intelligence I see in your Eyes. Drink water more

So we may cleanse, kiss the Soul of a stranger, and preserve our Integrity
EARTH Mother, moving slower, slowing down, MegaHertz, at what right NOW? Sweet Mother, color galore

EARTH HEAR, MY SONG. You have guided me, held me like NO OTHER, danced when I am still, and Still as I dance …….

FIRE oh, how I know you! Crackling, burning, my dreams and my wishes to flush up the chimney? YOU are teaching me how to

AIR Love in a different way. One LOVE that is full of mystery, hidden identity, magic, and Flying Away……Love, not Eternal. No strings.

WATER Please extinguish the FIRE, like desire. As our Mother Land needs us to get OUTSIDE and sit with her. Sing with the wind, the storms,

The breath we need to harmonize with the song from this WORLD OF OURS…….or are you asleep? Too BUSY/got the covers over your Head?
EARTH Safe no more……One needs to be, a Leader or a Follower……..the RED CROSS is not the Way to go! Raise monies? Sacred Commerce?

OH, MY……………..am I Houdini? Watch me disappear! Or shape shift!…or simply fly away with the migration….look up, watch the patterns and hear, I hope for you, to hear the music OR play the songs needed for us to HEAR.
AIR or just blow away? Deep into our bellies. Breathe so deep you never fear anything, anywhere ever again, in any world.

Copywrite, KarenRiceKingdbaRuffledFeathers, LLc. 2012.

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