On 1/21/20, 8:12 AM, “Dawn T” wrote:   Hi Karen,   I’m inquiring about Soul Retrieval and whether you perform this service, procedure and cost for the service.    I recently stumbled upon this subject and it interests me a great deal.     Thanks for your information!   Dawn    

 On Jan 22, 2020, at 8:38 AM, Karen King <> wrote: Yes, Dawn! I have been doing traditional Soul Retrievals since the early 1990’s!   Since you are not a current student or client, the INTAKE appointment is $250 and is 2 hours long.  We will be able to do the Soul Retrieval during this appointment. My Native Medicine man who works with us in Spirit, will help and the good news is that he brings back multiple pieces of your energetic bodies and they are healed when I put them into your body and we balance you with all of this. It coincidently saves my clients a lot of money as in the traditional ways the Medicine woman/man just put one piece at a time back and it wasn’t healed first. I will put my contact information here and I will send you my most recent Newsletter.  This work has been tremendous for many including myself.  I also teach the material.   We may set a free 1/2 hour phone appointment to discuss further.   Karen

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