This came up today so adding it to the training log:

OK, this came up with Hailey today.  She and I just finished working a festival together yesterday that she thought of and found.

We split the cost of the booth and she represented her Real Estate business and Deborah Keys and I represented EARTH ACUPUNTURE, Llc.

So, Hailey a while ago had a brilliant idea and she acted on it.  She looked up all these houses that have been on the market for more than 90 days and she composed a letter to them.  I was amazed to learn that these houses actually had a history of previous owners having trouble selling as well.  Gee whiz!

Ok, so now she wrote the letter and I made some changes to it with her.  We have to contact these people.  Set appointments etc.  Neither of us are getting paid…right?

If we get an appointment to test the house for the full EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, the apprentice is not paid to go with me and sit in.  However, as the apprentice is moving further through the program, they will take the lead so I may observe and make suggestions for training purposes.  Then, I CLOSE THE PRICING, make up the contract for the property owner and sign or at least get an email confirmation that they have accepted the terms.  Either the $50 or the $100 I am paid for the testing appointment is coming off the total final figure for the job.

Ok, so we have a 3000 sq ft home with grass all around it that isn’t that challenging.  I am now going for $3000 in contract.  If there is rock, whether small or large, or any challenging land scape for ¼ of the job?  I am charging them $1.50 for that area and we can now measure that with our iPhone!  So, then this property will be contracted to include that difference.

25% or ¼ is 750 sq ft.=$1125

75% or ¾ is 2250 sq ft=$2250

So, in this instance, my bid is $3375.

We don’t always settle on that price, even though I am more, now, than ever with help from my mentor and my coach.  I recently was paid $2000 in cash towards my Ministry/Research.  The rest of the $3700 bill was paid by credit card from both the husband’s business and then the wife’s business 100% taken off their taxes for all!  Simply because they respect me and I said in the closing interview, “Please call you accountant and figure out how this work can be paid to your advantage.”  They did that and here we are.

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