Well, we were scheduled this weekend in Taos but the Spirits would have it that we are in Denver at the lovely home of Nelda W. She and Seth are doing SO well and today they learn how to hammer rods properly into the ground! We will also be testing the property for negative personal lines, portals and votexes.

Deborah Keys, who teaches HOUSE HEALINGS at Psychic Horizons is the host for the May workshop in Denver. She is coming today to teach these two how to be the client/facilitator with the pendulum. She is my Lead Apprentice on the Front Range currently. We have done lots of jobs together and she has taken my workshop 4 times over 2 decades. The material is always changing and we are always growing!

SOUND LIKE FUN? Please join me in Denver May 18th & 19th and get the take home kit to install at your own home. Flier in Workshops on karenriceking.com!

You may not be considered for the APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM until you go over all of Slim’s and my research in this weekend’s mind-expanding workshop.

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