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Dear (Katherine) Karen Rice King, 

LRM:   I missed your recent presentation on Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture at the PRF meeting I’m sorry to say, but Phil picked up an extra handout for me.  I met you awhile back at an SSE seminar through Phil. I, as well as my daughter April, are very interested in your research and teachings in sleep and allergies caused by the Hartmann lines of earth and EMF pollution from technologies as well. My daughter April just moved here recently from Oregon to aid in nursing her daughter, my granddaughter. Granddaughter, at the young age of 25 years is going thru a critical time in her life and has been diagnosed with RA factor.  We are very adamant in refraining from prescription medicines.  On top of all this since April’s arrival, April,  has become allergic to her cat, who has been living with me for past the few years that she has been gone. She has always been extremely sensitive to these energies which was the reason she left home a few years ago because she could no longer cope with them.    It has been sad to watch her striving to nurse her daughter,  and at the same time suffering through lack of sleep because of her difficulties in breathing. I have suggested several times that perhaps it would be best to find our friend, Patcha, the cat a new home, which is deeply sad for her.  So that said, we  are both interested in your classes on this subject and would also be interested in perhaps being subjects for your study, especially since I am retired and income at the moment is at an all time low,  for me as well as her,  because she hasn’t been in a position to make money herself yet. Do you offer scholarships or payment plans?  Do you ever consider exchanges for services?  I am a photographer and have fine art pieces to barter and I do portraits as well.  Please let me know. 

Sincerely, LRM

Thank you for your reply.  My apologies for the name mistake.  I totally understand your stance on trades.  Blessings for all that you have done.  I hope your future endeavors are funded.  Your work is very valuable as indeed your time.  🙏.     Where shall I find info in the future?   My daughter has had some experience with this so I am quite sure she would be interested.  Please accept my apologies.



The SLEEP STUDY is on hold for the time being due to lack of funding.  I am a sole owner of 3 companies and senior citizen on a very small fixed income.  I am sorry but I am not in a position to take on trades.  And financing clients has been an awful thing for me.

So, I am sorry.  Yet things change.  This is my slowest season with the ground frozen.  I am meeting with one of my Apprentices that may be hosting a workshop soon at her home in Denver. 

I have done a tremendous amount of pro bono work in my life.  For instance, installing at every elementary school in Boulder for no pay and not even did they cover the cost of the rods and the people who helped me hammer all around the building to help with the kids with ADD and ADHD.

Let me contemplate this a little further.  

I know that the EARTH ACUPUNCTURE will support all of your family going through this. 

Do you own your home? 

The best thing would be for your daughter to reach out to me and I will put her on my Newsletter list.  If she is willing to help us with installing at Deborah’s house when we schedule the workshop I can give her some money off the $600 fee.  This fee has a gracious take home kit so she can then do your house!  You will save the $1 per square feet of living space that I charge.  So, a 2000 square foot home including attached garage is $2000! 

We can try to work this out.  I take credit cards also, which I don’t encourage folks to use.  I have a Paypal account and pass the minimal usage fee.  Karen

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