Please let me preface this email with this information.  I am going through a very serious heart issue right now and am on medication and have been in bed for the better part of 2 and a half weeks.

I am going back to the Cardiologist Monday morning and I am taking care of it.  Obviously my business is extremely challenged. And I apologize for that, as I acknowledge your frustration from your rather rude comment early on in this ridiculous phone tag we are in.

I wanted to talk to you because:

  1. I need to know the square footage of your home so I may determine if you need a second or third set of EGYPTIAN RODS as one set alone hardly works any more at all.
  2. I also need to know what is missing from the original set.
  3. I wanted to suggest to you that you purchase, when able and ready, a PERSONAL HARMONIZER, that includes a half cubit ring of the metal you choose.  Gold or Silver.  And also purchase the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING CD.  If you put the earbuds of the CD player around the PERSONAL HARMONIZER, the Tensor field has been measured 360 degrees and 3 MILES away.
  4. You may take the purchase as a business expense on your taxes.

Even if you live in a cabin in the woods, this will boost the EGYPTIAN RODS immensely.  The Field and hence the protection for you and your clients.

Part of the challenge with technology today is the huge number of devices in outer space that are being used and controlled from our Earth.  Those rays/waves are harmful to our Energy Bodies,  that go between space and earth.  

Also, cell phone towers are increasing at an alarming rate with the start up around the country with 5G. (please research)

In terms of natural challenges, the major plates in the Planet are moving and the megahertz of the Earth is changing monumentally.  This is in addition to Climate Change and the toxic nature of our entire Environment right now.

I sell the devices and CD and you may explore them on the SLIM SPURLING Light Life ® Tools website.

And if you have any questions we can try one more time for a phone time when we both are on the computer and phone to go over any questions you have about the “best” PERSONAL HARMONIZER for you.  I can dowse while we are chatting and determine any of your concerns while on the phone at no charge.

Thanks for your patience with me.  This is a highly unusual time for me and there is not much I can do about it but what the Physicians say, as it is quite challenging and possibly life threatening.

Lighting Love, Loving Light©, Karen 

$50 OFF Upcoming June Dowsing Training

You must register in full with me by 8PM on Memorial Day, May 27th. Regular registration is due on June 1st.

This will be a unique opportunity particularly as it is going to be only 6 students who will get ALL of my 28 years of experience in an intimate setting. We are meeting in a townhome which is one of 3 in a building. The land around the building is gorgeous and green right now!

Participants will leave the workshop learning to have dowsed with a pendulum and with L-rods, the 2 most well known tools around the world for dowsing.

The purpose of this workshop is for any one who owns property to be able to go home and for instance, immediately “cure” their own home of the somewhat elusive noxious lines around buildings.

These are attributed to the man-made stressors such as electricity, WIFI, cell phone towers, radar, microwaves, radio waves and satellites.

Then, we mitigate the Geopathic stress, or Earth energies that are unusually high in this area. These include fault lines, underground water, high mineral content in the soil and heavy metals in the drinking water.

ALL THESE LINES ARE SHOWN TO CAUSE CANCER and basically limit the quality of life for all those who live in them, which today is EVERYONE!

The TAKE HOME KIT is well worth the cost of the workshop not to mention the success rate I have training folks around the country since 1996 how to do this work themselves, which saves them $1 per square foot that I charge. Hence, a home with garage on the County Assessor’s website that is 2000 square feet including unfinished basements, will be charged a minimum of $2000 by me and my apprentices.

SAVE THAT MONEY for a vacation and join us June 22 and 23 in Boulder, Colorado for fun and good food and fabulous company!




Saturday, May 18, 2019, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m; and Sunday, May 19, 2019, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.HOST: Deborah Keys. For directions and dietary needs, call 720-982-3733 or email Denver near Sloan Lake.

COST: $600 per person or $800 for 2 people living together and sharing the 10 pounds of prepared rods in the TAKE HOME KIT. Register now with or contact her at her office: 303-665-0175
OR Cell/Text: 303-810-6486. Cash, money order and credit cards are accepted. SPACE IS VERY LIMITED!

LUNCH: Lunch, snacks and beverages included in cost. A 45-minute lunch break each day on site. Contact Deborah Keys, 720-982-3733, for dietary needs. Contact Karen, 303-810-6486, with all other questions and registration.

CONTENT: You will learn how to dowse the property for Geopathic and Hartmann stress lines caused by natural earth energies, such as fault lines and underground water, as well as Hartmann lines caused by WI-FI, cell towers and other manmade technologies. You will learn how to install custom-cut copper L-rods to relieve these proven stressful energy fields. Clients who have had their homes dowsed and “cured” by Karen say thattheir space feels “lighter, cleaner and more sacred.” They report they sleep better and experience more harmony and wellness of spirit, health, and finances. If you are interested in entering Karen’s APPRENTICESHIPprogram, you will have time to learn about what it entails. Karen and her apprentice will be available for assistance for a few days after each event.

TAKE HOME KIT: 10 pounds of prepared copper L-rods to install yourself; Egyptian Rods for a condo or office space; training manual and bibliography; the book, IN THE MIND OF A MASTER, by Susan Anderson with SlimSpurling; and Karen’s mini-book, THE WEIRD HISTORY OF DOWSING©. All these items in your Take-Home Kit are valued at over $350. On Sunday, Karen will demonstrate Light-Life®Tools, manufactured by her mentor SLIM SPURLING, and she will be prepared to take orders. This workshop may be taken as Professional Training and Karen has a success rate of more than 95% in training people to dowse!

ABOUT KAREN: Karen Rice King is a Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser and Ordained Minister living in Boulder County, Colorado. Karen has worked for more than 29 years as a Master Dowser, trained by the internationally known geobiologist and inventor, Slim Spurling. Her pendulum skills began in the early 1980s with the internationally known herbalist Hannah Kroeger. Please note: this work is not a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional.


Hi Kay,
After knowing you for so, so many years it is such a pleasure to re-connect and hear all about Ace and his wife buying property in Nashville, TN.
So, to email the details we talked about:
1.  The most immediate recommendation is this.  They can purchase on my website KARENRICEKING.COM/Products, two EGYPTIAN KITS.  One should be placed around the foundation and one should be placed in the basement.  With construction going on, the sooner the better.  (they can hide the set in bsmt under drywall and on the studs)  (around the foundation they can hammer them in the ground or tape up on the rain gutters, etc. with duct tape)  There are explicit easy directions included with the kits.
NEXT they want to add from my mentors line (LIGHT LIFE TOOLS) a PERSONAL HARMONIZER.  The least expensive ones are the sacred GOLD @ $320 + S&H  or the sacred SILVER@ $350.  PLEASE ORDER FROM ME DIRECTLY THESE TOOLS.  They both come with a sacred 1/2 cubit ring of the same metal and they are on a silk cord and have a matching silk bag to ‘hide’ the harmonizer or to put against the skin.
To this, they add the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING CD @ $35.  This combination was tested in 2005-2006 by the Federal government to produce the TENSOR FIELD which mitigates the geopathic stress lines (underground water, heavy metals in water, etc) as well as the Hartmann lines named after Dr. Hartmann in Germany who discovered that where all these grid lines intersect in the home, people get Cancer.  So the Hartmann lines mitigate the cell phones, the towers, satellites and anything MAN MADE.
This recipe is currently the LEAST EXPENSIVE for any house with added acreage.
2. If I were there in person, it would cost $1 to $1.50 per square feet of living space including the garage.  You indicated the home alone is 2000 sq ft, so it would be $3000 AIR, FOOD, BOARD and local transportation.  I would then also add the PERSONAL LINES while in person, for which I am distinguished as a MASTER DOWSER from the Dowsers Society (1996 for this work)
3.  If they HOST ME TO TEACH, we split my air fare, they feed and house me and help me promote the workshop.  They serve lunch Saturday and Sunday to participants, (4-6 who pay $450 and go home and ‘cure their own home’ with the kit I supply them with)  They also pay for the rods going into the ground around their home which rarely goes over $300.  And they provide transportation for me, if I should land another job in the area while there.
This is not a contract and I haven’t checked air fare etc. yet, but I would be available for travel to Nashville, the weekend of the 21 & 22 of NOVEMBER (which may not be a good date for workshop based on it being Thanksgiving week).  Or, depending on their weather, I could fly in the first week of December.  We just can’t have a HARD FREEZE in place where the ground has frozen for the season.
Of coarse we have been known in the ‘earlier times’, hammer rods in the ground all around the foundation of the home as it is warmer ground there.  Yet we want the temperature to be at least 40 degrees the day we install and probably that for 2-3 days before we install so it isn’t impossible.
Thanks for your interest and for being a client for decades!  That now your kids and grandkids are going to experience the TENSOR FIELD and my work is exciting to me!  Karen