REGISTER NOW! Dowsing & Earth Acupuncture Training! Fraser, Colorado, Last weekend of SEPTEMBER 2020

Hi Sheri,

This will act as a legally binding contract for us to work from:

  1. I will initiate and get the pdf done for the workshop and get to you as soon as I have it in printable and email format.
  2. The home is 2717 sq ft.  Your fee for getting your home done by me and an apprentice is $1358.50 for the home installation plus $285 for 10 lbs of prepared L-rods to do the home. I will provide any rods needed above the 10 lbs.      TOTAL:  $1643.50.  $500 deposit due now by credit card or check.
  3. 3 Grids will be done on the home:  Geopathic coming into property on all 4 sides, Hartmann stress coming in from the South and the West, and Personal stress for all occupants including pets on all 4 sides.
  4. You get to take the workshop for free and all materials such as book, pendulum etc. that other people get, you personally will walk away with.
  5. You will be guaranteed to have your home completely done before we leave the area at the time of the workshop and you will receive a color drawing of the home and where we installed.  You are responsible for providing us with an 8 ½ x 11 FLOORPLAN of the main floor to work from.
  6. You will receive $50 credit off your bill for each participant you recruit.  In the case of a couple living together who pay me $750 you will get $75 credit.
  7. As you are taking the workshop, you will be considered to enter my Apprenticeship program, where apprentices pay me an entry fee of $500 and then $150/month for expenses for the business.  I do a tremendous amount of free education and articles, besides maintaining Newsletters and Website.  This is due only during the months of the year where we may work and install in your area.  Front Range is April 1-Nov. 15 each year.
  8. You as a contracted Apprentice will be paid between $20-$50 an hour while working with me on properties to get your training from me.
  9. If you bring a client to the table who I am contracting for an installation, you will be paid when they pay me in full a 6% Bonus in addition for a Referral Fee.  And of course you will get paid to work on this property as well.

I hope this makes sense.  Please contact me with any questions.  I can pay for lunches if the workshop fills up.  You, me and my Apprentice are included in the 8 for September.

If we get started registering soon, I may start sending materials like the book and training manual up for you to get people going!  

I am thrilled to work with you as it is a dream of mine to help every inch of Colorado before I leave the Planet…the entire country, really.

You may have people look at previous workshop descriptions in the meantime.  Your workshop will cost $550 to individuals and $750 to 2 people living together, as I said.  We will make a date for severe weather or fire if needed to reschedule the following weekend from our date.




Yes, you are expected to take the training coming up and I have received your registration fee and I thank you very much!

May I please get from you:

  1. Your address.
  2. Your preferred phone number.

I will forward to you today, also, the current APPRENTICE CONTRACT.  Please keep in mind that I custom write in what your needs are in regards to my requirements.  My goal is to get you through it in a respectful, nurturing way that satisfies your gifts and talents and ESPECIALLY, your timing.

If you want to give it a try here are just some of the benefits:

  1. If you bring the client to the table and I close the deal with you by my side you will be paid a percentage BONUS WHEN I AM PAID based on the fee we settle on.  Right now we are getting $1 per square feet of living space including the attached garage and all floors of the home, according to County Assessor records.
  2. As you will be working the job with me, you will be paid $50/hour while on site, interviewing the client, dowsing for the stress lines, installing in the ground and then producing a drawing later for the client.
  3. If it is a job originating from me, I will pay you $35/hour to work it with me.  Most homes take 6-8 hours to complete.
  4. During our busiest seasons, March 1-November 15, you will pay me $150/month to help support all the publicity, marketing and supplies that I am responsible for until you are fully ready to be CERTIFIED by me.
  5. You will be trained also in the tools created by my mentor Slim Spurling as we are going to be putting together packages for the clients.  You may view them on the internet:  Slim Spurling’s LIGHT LIFE® TOOLS.  There are many others out there who are fraudulently copying his tools.  The federal government tested the ones manufactured by his wife and her company IX-EL to be authentic in creating the TENSOR FIELD.
  6. If interested, you may be considered to assist me in teaching as I continue to create pods of folks around the country to assist us in supporting our Planet and all living things during the environmental assault that has been launched by many businesses, governments,  and profiteering. Thank goodness, people like you exist and are ready to assist me and my team!

I don’t know what you are doing in your career now, but this is not a full time job, really.  I have practitioners who supplement very nicely their main practice with this or their ‘day-job’, if you will, very nicely however.

Besides we are a for profit operation as well.  I looked into the nonprofit route and it is too time consuming when we need to be gathering and presenting research for people in need.   

***Our research, which is mentored by 2 PhD scientists, is showing that with the 5G coming on in communities across the country, this work will be instrumental in helping sensitive people or folks compromised by health or wealth concerns.  Also, with the current climate changes and the fracking.***

I am excited to meet you and work with you!



Please let me preface this email with this information.  I am going through a very serious heart issue right now and am on medication and have been in bed for the better part of 2 and a half weeks.

I am going back to the Cardiologist Monday morning and I am taking care of it.  Obviously my business is extremely challenged. And I apologize for that, as I acknowledge your frustration from your rather rude comment early on in this ridiculous phone tag we are in.

I wanted to talk to you because:

  1. I need to know the square footage of your home so I may determine if you need a second or third set of EGYPTIAN RODS as one set alone hardly works any more at all.
  2. I also need to know what is missing from the original set.
  3. I wanted to suggest to you that you purchase, when able and ready, a PERSONAL HARMONIZER, that includes a half cubit ring of the metal you choose.  Gold or Silver.  And also purchase the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING CD.  If you put the earbuds of the CD player around the PERSONAL HARMONIZER, the Tensor field has been measured 360 degrees and 3 MILES away.
  4. You may take the purchase as a business expense on your taxes.

Even if you live in a cabin in the woods, this will boost the EGYPTIAN RODS immensely.  The Field and hence the protection for you and your clients.

Part of the challenge with technology today is the huge number of devices in outer space that are being used and controlled from our Earth.  Those rays/waves are harmful to our Energy Bodies,  that go between space and earth.  

Also, cell phone towers are increasing at an alarming rate with the start up around the country with 5G. (please research)

In terms of natural challenges, the major plates in the Planet are moving and the megahertz of the Earth is changing monumentally.  This is in addition to Climate Change and the toxic nature of our entire Environment right now.

I sell the devices and CD and you may explore them on the SLIM SPURLING Light Life ® Tools website.

And if you have any questions we can try one more time for a phone time when we both are on the computer and phone to go over any questions you have about the “best” PERSONAL HARMONIZER for you.  I can dowse while we are chatting and determine any of your concerns while on the phone at no charge.

Thanks for your patience with me.  This is a highly unusual time for me and there is not much I can do about it but what the Physicians say, as it is quite challenging and possibly life threatening.

Lighting Love, Loving Light©, Karen 


I want to follow up with you since we did your home:

  1. You asked me to retest the property after our last test to take into consideration that new sprinklers were put in. Since we had done a full check of the property already I will need to charge you for this additional visit particularly since you installed sprinklers after our work. The charges will be for my work outside the house only. Our time inside is free.
  • You expressed interest in getting a PERSONAL HARMONIZER with the CD of ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING to run in the home and in your home office due to the major power lines from the XCEL plant coming through your property. Also considering the 5G device over by the school on 75th.
  • I left you with a form to fill out regarding how satisfied you are.
  • I want to follow up if your son is still scared sometimes in his room or hall.
  • I want to follow up if your business is doing better than before we came to work.
  • I also want to know if you and your husband found common ground in your discussions and do not have the tension in your communications you talked about in our first meeting and also in the review of the paperwork.

I would love to look and make sure the SPRINKLER folks DID NOT disturb any of our installation and correct anything I do find.

I also can bring over some of the tools I own and my laptop and we can get you what you’d like in the tools that I carry at the same time for NO EXTRA charge.

Please let me know what you think!


HI Karen, 

I would like to set up the visit. There was a strange swarm of wasps around a small Aspen tree in the front.

My son has been sleeping more in his room and has not mentioned ghosts.

I have had some increase in my business and I am having more clear communication with my husband. 

Let’s schedule a time:)

COMMENT: If you notice, every challenge the client mentioned was resolved as she had wished! I did tell her that in regard to the WASPS, it is a seasonal behavior and stay away from them and all will be fine.


 Well, we are having a challenge here.  I am leaving my home/office by 2PM today.  My phone number here is 303.665.0175.  I am on a garden level and can only text from my cell here.  However, I am working around the house.  If you could be so kind as to set a time it will be most helpful.  Also, I can’t recall the specifics you have given me …

  1. Do you own your home?
  2. Have you read the material on my website and have any idea what EARTH ACUPUNCTURE IS?  (BLOG and TESTIMONIALS ALSO)
  3. The average cost for the FULL Earth Acupuncture is usually $1 per square feet of living area including attached garage and all levels of the home.
  4. I work with folks with the money as I am committed to bettering the lives of others.


$50 OFF Upcoming June Dowsing Training

You must register in full with me by 8PM on Memorial Day, May 27th. Regular registration is due on June 1st.

This will be a unique opportunity particularly as it is going to be only 6 students who will get ALL of my 28 years of experience in an intimate setting. We are meeting in a townhome which is one of 3 in a building. The land around the building is gorgeous and green right now!

Participants will leave the workshop learning to have dowsed with a pendulum and with L-rods, the 2 most well known tools around the world for dowsing.

The purpose of this workshop is for any one who owns property to be able to go home and for instance, immediately “cure” their own home of the somewhat elusive noxious lines around buildings.

These are attributed to the man-made stressors such as electricity, WIFI, cell phone towers, radar, microwaves, radio waves and satellites.

Then, we mitigate the Geopathic stress, or Earth energies that are unusually high in this area. These include fault lines, underground water, high mineral content in the soil and heavy metals in the drinking water.

ALL THESE LINES ARE SHOWN TO CAUSE CANCER and basically limit the quality of life for all those who live in them, which today is EVERYONE!

The TAKE HOME KIT is well worth the cost of the workshop not to mention the success rate I have training folks around the country since 1996 how to do this work themselves, which saves them $1 per square foot that I charge. Hence, a home with garage on the County Assessor’s website that is 2000 square feet including unfinished basements, will be charged a minimum of $2000 by me and my apprentices.

SAVE THAT MONEY for a vacation and join us June 22 and 23 in Boulder, Colorado for fun and good food and fabulous company!

More About EARTH ACUPUNCTURE Paid Apprenticeship Program, 05/02/19

Great talking to you the other day…

I will send the contracts to you and please remember that we customize the contracts.  Things to remember when considering Apprenticeship program:  MONEY transactions. 

  1. When we are working together you will pay me $150/month to be in the program
  2. When we are working together and I am being paid $1 per square feet of living space including attached garage, I pay you $50/hour to fulfill your apprenticeship duties, such as hammering rods into the ground and dowsing the property while I check you and teach you.
  3. If  I settle for a cash donation for the property, I pay you $20/hour.
  4. If I agree with the client on a price less than $80 per square feet of living space with attached garage included. (as well as unfinished basements!)…you will be paid $35/hour.

****This is while on the property with me working and training.

So, you see that the money you paid me is earned backed quickly if we land more installations around the workshop time.  I want my Apprentices to succeed and have fun also!

WHEN YOU BRING A CLIENT TO ME:   you will paid a referral fee based on the amount I am paid for the job.  So, usually minimum of $200 and maximum of $500.

IF YOU FIND A PROSPECT INTERESTED IN HAVING PROPERTY TESTED:   Home owners, as they are the ones usually willing to pay this amount, you must not say too much to them in the very beginning and refer them to my website or printed materials.  You will be expected to go to the one hour appointment with me to learn how to test the property, see why the client is considering this work, where we dowse and put flags in the ground to show the client how many stress lines are on the property.  (usually 10-20 feet on the South side of building and on the west side of the building)

Whether I am in Colorado or no matter where I am at the time and the opportunity comes up, I ASK THAT WE HAVE A 3-WAY CALL as soon as possible, so that you start to learn how I get the TESTING APPOINTMENT and INSTALLATION scheduled.  Over time, you will be commanding more and more of the process depending on your abilities and developing you OWN STYLE as I mentor you privately away from the client.  You are not paid for this time that usually lasts just one hour. 

THE ONLY TIME YOU PAY ME BESIDES the monthly $150 when we are working together, is when you are “stuck” on the how to do your drawing of the property correctly or something we have to keep going over and over excessively.  I will tell you and give you a chance to figure this out on your own or get what you need out of materials I have provided or some other source. But if this fails to work and it is an essential part of doing this work on your own correctly then, I charge my Apprentices $75/hour with a minimum one hour charge.

It may happen 2-4 times in your program, which some people take 3 years to complete and others are through in a calendar year.

So, this is more defined and we will add it as an addendum to the contract we both sign, once the workshop is over and we are in private.

Now, in this case where you found land that we can do, but not the home?  You will get $100 finder’s fee for that, as we could actually work in a public park in your area.  It just isn’t as thorough but it works…

Please address any issues or questions as soon as you are able.

I am also adding to the Apprenticeship package a list of questions about how you learn the best.

I am looking forward to developing this with you!  

“if it’s meant to be, it will be!”  

TRAINING SET MARCH 25, 26 in Boulder, CO

Hello, Karen — It was so lovely to have you lead the BPI service last night!

I would like to sign up for the March 25-26 dowsing and Earth acupuncture workshop – it looks fantastic and it’s been something I’ve been very interested in learning my whole adult life, but I never could find anyone who taught it! I’m so excited!

Can you let me know how to register and pay? Is there a deposit or application that’s needed?

Thanks so much and have a great day!



I am so happy to have you in the workshop!  It is amazing work and even if you put it in your medicine bag and hire someone to hammer the rods into the ground, you will always be happy to do this kind of work particularly for the client or friend which seems that nothing works for their complete recovery.  It is at the root of much stress and illness in our lives and everyone needs to be aware of it.

The homeowner is specifying a limited number for the workshop.  So, the sooner you register the better.  I’d be glad to speak with you by phone about any questions you have about how you will be able to go home and do your own space.  Let’s set a free phone time or tea time.

$250 deposit can be paid either using check or cash.  If we use cc through Paypal I have to add on the .029% they charge.  The other $200 should be in before the workshop as I pay a great deal for the take-home kit.  We will have a ‘snow date’ of the following weekend, yet it would have to be a huge storm to shut us down.  We will be working outside much of the time.

I look forward to working with you!  Karen

Response to Apprentice about UTube Video: 01/07/17

There are those who use ray bar in places where they dowse like this in America also.  I have tested many of these places in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the work did NOT REMOVE Geopathic or Hartmann stress, hence I wouldn’t call it EARTH ACUPUNCTURE of the style I promote.

This seems to be more shamanic.  Which there is nothing wrong with it. I have learned that once we put my rods into the ground it is much easier to do ceremony and spiritual work as we have created a SAFE ZONE, where folks aren’t bombarded with the environmental pollutants associated with harmful health and immune systems.

We also create SACRED SPACE.  Karen

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Looks like Earth acupuncture to me.

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