A Different View of EARTH ACUPUNCTURE by Barb Haas (11/27/19)


Earth Acupuncture is working with the meridians of the Earth, very similar to that of the human body with acupuncture needles. Copper rods, or “needles,” are left in the ground, and people who live on the property where an installation has taken place report that they sleep better and find better health. Pets often take on the electrical and geopathic stressors, and as soon as the house is mitigated, the pets move to a different spot in the house to sleep. Real estate folks use these methods to get a property “cleared” to sell.

Master Dowser, Karen Rice King, studied and worked with the internationally known Slim Spurling. In 1996 Slim granted Karen the use of the term EARTH ACUPUNCTURE and encouraged her to start her own training of apprentices, which she has done.  

She began this work as part of her private practice in Boulder County, Colorado, she is returning to the Gunnison Valley to mitigate homes, ranches, real estate properties. 

For more information, or to get on her  schedule, call or email Karen@karenriceking.com or 303-665-0175.

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