A message for the New Year from Sandra Ingerman for Practitioners/Teachers

From: Sandra Ingerman
Hi everyone!
I wish you all a solstice filled with grace, power, and light!
I wish all of you a joyous, healthy, successful, and peace filled New Year! The changes have been dramatic in our lives and the world around us. But as I have been writing in the Transmutation News we can choose which dimension of reality we want to live in. And to teach others how to do this is a gift to all of life. I want to thank you for all the brilliant work you are doing with your clients and students. For those of you teaching I am impressed at the depth you are taking your students to. Many of you are teaching long term programs, some of you have started apprenticeship programs, and some of you are bringing your students into your client sessions so they can learn how to deepen their work. I applaud those of you who are moving away from teaching "generic" forms of shamanism and bringing through an inspired depth of spirit and teaching people how to work with individuals in a way that can bring about true healing. I have written about the need to move away from training a "factory" of shamanic practitioners and teaching how to work outside the box and let the spirits guide us without getting stuck in following and imitating methods taught. For it is not the method that heals rather the depth of spirit coming through that heals. Of course being able to hold clients in love is a healing force in itself. We live in an interesting time as shamanism has become popularized. We see as shamanism is marketed as a business some of the power of the work gets lost and watered down. Teachers sometimes start to cross the line of integrity – sometimes not even being aware of this. I journeyed to Isis and asked her how to deal with this issue. For I find myself moving into a place of reaction and I know this is not the best stance to take with what my own vision has been in being a vessel of love and light. She said that those of on www.shamanicteachers.com have built an alliance as she had advised when The Teacher Trainings began and this website was created. She also said there is more work to be done on strengthening this alliance and being a stronger presence in the world. Isis reminded me of the teaching that everything that is manifested begins in the invisible and spiritual realms. She said the more we can feed the original vision of being a non-competitive and cooperative alliance the stronger our presence will be in the world. She went on to say as we do this there will be nothing to react to as we will stand strong in our integrity, compassion, love, and light and that is what is needed for ourselves and the planet right now. Isis advised against trying to come up with bigger and more expensive advertisements. She said this is a more hierarchical action. Instead she advised that we can advertise and let people know we are here, but our presence will provide more than any big and expensive ad can. I encourage you to drum and rattle on a regular to honor the strength and power of our global community. I hope you will join me in drumming and rattling to honor the integrity, light, and power of those of us choosing to work from our highest level of integrity and in the name of love. Thank you for joining me in drumming and allowing us to be a vessel of unconditional love and light that radiates through our circle and throughout the earth. Blessings to all of you for the New Year and thank you again for helping to share the spirit of shamanism in a way that honors the ancestors of this great tradition. With love and blessings! Sandra

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