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Happy Saturday!

Here is the latest flier for the workshop scheduled at Deborah’s home in Denver OCTOBER 19, 20.  Please print out and hand out.  

We may be making it 2 sided with some art work on the back and shorter version of the workshop.

REMEMBER, if you send me a client who signs up for the workshop you get paid a finder’s fee!  Yours will be more than what the public will get for a referral.  (more details will come after my meeting with Vivian Dullien, Phd, my mentor, this coming week.

We only take a maximum of 8 people including apprentices.  I have a deep discount for apprentices to join us!

YOU NEED TO CONSIDER THIS WORKSHOP because there is an example of several challenges you will be faced with in your work.

  1. Driveway installation
  2. Mixed mediums used all around the house, from grass, to bark, alley in the back, etc.

LEARN HOW TO CHOOSE the BEST place to install in a situation like this!  Also how to locate the most dangerous challenges to our clients’ homes in the neighborhood.

You WILL GET CREDIT for a drawing of the house.

Also, I am working with Katharina’s assistant right now to get the LIGHT LIFE® TOOLS on my website PRODUCTS section.  Good vibes in the air!  If and when you get through this program you will be buying directly from IX-EL and have your own contract with them.  

This is another way to create income for yourself while you are launching your own work!  

Not to mention the beauty of these tools and well they work in the toxic environment we are all living in. Particularly with 5G on the way!

Lighting Love, Loving Light©, Karen

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