APPRENTICE ON VACATION Dowses for Geopathic and Hartmann Stress, 01/20/20

Hello Karen
I am vacationing in the Maldives. I spent a week on a liveaboard dive boat. Amazing experience!!
I will attach a photo of a manta ray. His stomach brushed my head as he went over me. Crazy cool!!
I had one day/night to wait before my flight from Male leaves. Leaving tomorrow’s night. Anyways, I decided that I would spend my last night here on a small island about 65km from Male. Took a speed boat here this morning. 
I dowsed for geopathic stress and Hartmann lines and there are none on this island. It’s very small. Probably 2 square km. It takes 10 or 15 minutes to to walk from one side to the other.
It’s incredibly peaceful. No wonder with no geopathic stress or Hartmann lines.
Just thought I would share this with you.
I hope you are well.
Take care.
Bill Montag

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