Good morning Seth!  I am including Hailey as she may be entering a contracted Apprenticeship within a month and we are talking about working together here as well on the idea of the listings on the market 100 days.  Also, please see how the drawings came over to me.  I cannot look at them on the computer like this.  They need to fit an 81/2 x 11 format to print for the client’s folder.  We will work on this.

  1. I will forward these over to my copy center as I don’t have a working printer hooked up right now.  I have one in the garage ready to go…
  2. So, YES you will get credit for the 2 drawings that are full drawings, even if there are minor mistakes.  We will schedule a one hour appointment as soon as possible, but if it makes sense to put it in after the property test Thursday the 30th I will make time for that.  Now, this  will be a $75/hour paid session,  I will teach you how to talk about your drawing and make the corrections needed to have it stellar.  Since this has to be a minimum hour situation, please bring all your ideas, questions, etc.  If we go over I will not charge you as you are pitching me improvements to my business and which will be yours as well someday.
  3. At the interview and test, you will learn how I work in the interview.  If you absolutely feel you need to say something, of course I will let you.  I am concerned with your language in the beginning and want to make sure your grasp is good of the terms and how they are used.
  4. I am going to offer to her that you NOT sit in if she is going to get into very private stuff and that you wait in another room if necessary.  Hopefully she will allow you to go through the entire interview so you will see everything.  I will pledge that you will be CONFIDENTIAL as I am bound to be as a Psychotherapist and Minister. (also an issue for testimonials)
  5. I just want to add that I am very pleased with what I am hearing from Hailey about a plan for us to form a team to work on properties that are listed over 100 days.  This can create some bread and butter income for all of us and I am more than willing to get this going.  This has you in the role of photographer and her realtor.  So, I am the psychic energy worker.  IF Hailey signs a contract as an apprentice with me, and if she can dowse correctly after the June workshop, we may also look at these opportunities as training for the two of you to learn to problem solve the energetics of some of these homes.  In this case, I will be compensated as a trainer in addition to my already stated role.  We can work on this later.
  6. This job I hope we will have coming up, should get scheduled as soon as they want it.  I hope you can arrange your schedule to what the client desires as this is part of the business.  We always will have weather to contend with.  On this first job with me, you will be paid $35/hour until you have proven to me that you can dowse correctly for all 3 grids: Geopathic, Hartmann and Personal.  As soon as you can do this, you will be paid the $50 hour.
  7. The drawings are part of certification.  If for some reason you don’t want to do this part or you can’t complete drawings in time good enough for the client, I am creating another sub-program with my Phd mentor so that you can go on to do this work in a lesser capacity.

So, for sure you are not able to attend the workshop on the 22nd?  I am not charging you!  I just want you to go through the regular workshop as every Apprentice is required to do.  You will get practice setting up the crease we will be inserting rods in, then inserting the rods and covering them up correctly.  At least this will be your job Sunday and I will be getting a sense of how you can assist me for pay in the future at workshops.

You can also help me in demonstrating the tools and if I sell any at the workshop, I will pay you a good-faith commission.

Since you did the training, have you read the book cover to cover and looked over everything in the training manual?  You need to do this, even if it is challenging and you don’t understand everything.  If you are unable to do this, you are required to buy the DVD set of Slim Spurling from me and view that.  You will then have it for questions for future days of work ahead.

Thank you for paying your $150 for May and June all at once for being in the APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM.    I will keep a running record in my receipt book. And you will get a copy at year’s end for use in your taxes regarding this work.  Please remember that all of your costs involved with me are part of your professional training and the tools you are purchasing will be your demos in selling tools for the future.  Make sure you are keeping track of all of this so that your accountant has you covered.

I am still feeling so blessed to have met you at the Paranormal Research Forum talk I gave earlier this year.  I look forward to years of knowing you and working with you as you are a rare talent to someone like me.

Fondly, Karen

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