AS THE WIND BLOWS and Spirits Come In

The warmth in our Temperature is due to these WINDS!  YOu know!  The winds that tempt your allergies?  Food…Environmental?

Is this our EARTH MOTHER speaking to us?

I used to get very edgy when the wind was blowing.  Then wind pissed me OFF!  I would walk in Nature and scream at the wind.  The wind never knocked me over…close, but not.

I keep listening.  I ask WIND, “is this why I see so many constellations tonight?”

Wind is my elemental Teacher in winter on the front range of Colorado.  For those of you who do not know?  The weather research center for the entire Earth is Here.  The Earthquake Center for the world is in Golden, Colorado.  And the center that tracks all the Solar activity?  At Baseline and Broadway in Boulder, Colorado.

So, I also conduct research here!  Karen

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