I AM LOSING TOUCH. by Karen Rice King

Comes and goes 

Yet you never see the


As You are losing


As I am loving touch 

Of Life and living. 

I hear you breathing s0

Short and shallow

As you breathe.


Everywhere I meet you,

In the Natural Grocer’s parking lot.


Every time I see and/or watch

Your thoughts and emotions

Influence our air conditions.


Every time a kid made a gun from instructions on the internet

while you and yours were so fracking busy you did not notice how sad this Soul is and killed or injured

Other kids?


Says a lot why I only wanted to adopt.   As if the ‘adopted’ 

will never kill.

My hands do not have blood dripping.

Your hands are dripping in blood and dirt you never?

Your hands are dripping in your Soul loss


Never healed and birthed kids and did NOT figure out

Who you are?

I embrace All I mention.  I pray for all is revealed here. 

Tonight, since the last Eclipse

I see perfectly what is unfolding.


All the layers

We as humans

Have created

With our

Untrained minds

And unkept promises

That should have never

Been spoken out loud.


I am tired of being tired of being

Human in the 3rd dimension.

Like the ‘Twilight Zone’ from the decade I supposedly

Chose to come back to in the 1950’s? 

To  this Planet of ours?

I embrace All who are suffering with loss of human life.

I am held by my Mother Earth and all the Heavens/Dimensions

With or without a breath of air.

May we all kneel on this Earth?

For those who have crossed over, whether our family or our supposed 


It is TIME for YOU to acknowledge your part in this Theater of life…


And please  

let us find our way.

 Somehow, before our Souls become fodder 

for the  evil no matter where they came from…

We live in a world of Polarity.

And I am sick of it!

Right…left.  “I had a good home but I left.”

I Am Losing Touch© 2012 KarenRiceKing

Testimonial for Karen’s COMPASSIONATE Pet/Home Care


When I contacted Karen about petsitting my 14 year old cat companion, Trixie, I was new to the state, and had not been able to find a suitable pet sitter whom I trusted and I had a trip coming up soon! I felt anxious and worried I wouldn’t be able to get someone in time.  But I had faith that the Universe would deliver!  

Trixie being an older cat, has some issues around her diet, her vitamins and other non-existent things that one needs to watch for. This meant I needed someone who could give medicine, and be in tune enough to watch for any ‘weird old cat’ things (like yakking too much ;-)

When I interviewed Karen, it was immediate apparent that she was overqualified! Not only is she a seasoned pet owner and animal lover, she is an intuitive whom Trixie took to right away! And Trixie knows. ;-)  I knew I could trust Karen with Trixie and with staying in my home for a week. 

Karen is kind, attentive, and earnest. She made sure she knew all the ins and outs of my pet/home sitting – she came over and spent time getting to know Trixie and her daily routines.  

I really appreciate that Karen is mature and wise. I could totally trust her with any emergency that may come up. 

What surprised me about working with Karen is that she was great about sending photos of Trixie which allowed me to completely NOT worry and enjoy my time away! 

Now I have a pet sitter!  And someone I trust and a friend! I really enjoy Karen and would recommend her to anyone who needs a competent, wise and reliable pet/home sitter. 

All my best, Lee



Subject: Pet sitting recommendation

To anyone needing assistance with pet care:

It is with pleasure that I would recommend Karen Rice King for the care of your pet.

I have known Karen for over 25 years and she is dependable, trustworthy, compassionate, and caring.  In addition she is an amazing animal communicator.  This helps give you peace of mind while being away from your beloved pets.

Over many years she took excellent care of my cat, administered meds as needed, and took time to give the cats needed attention in my absence.  My cat lived to be 23 and it was an honor that Karen came over and spent time with us durning her crossing over the rainbow bridge.

Karen is truly an animal lover!! I can’t say enough positive things about her qualifications and care. You can count on Karen.


Patty Dautremont Johns



Sept. 25, 2019

To whom it may concern,

We recommend Karen Rice King wholeheartedly for housesitting. I have known Karen for a decade, at least.

She took care of our house, garden, fish, and feline 4 years ago while we traveled.

It was a relief to be out of the country and know that everything at home was in good hands.

Our cat was especially happy to have someone around to pet him, sit by the fire with him and try to brush him!

He is an inside/outside cat.  Where we live there can be no CAT DOOR.

He had hiding places, but Karen manually had to let him in and out every day.

We live a few miles outside Gunnison going north to Crested Butte, CO.

She kept in contact while we were away, and kept us apprised of anything she felt important.

If you’d like more information, please give your email to Karen@KarenRiceKing.com  and we will contact you.


Barb & Chris Haas


“I WANT TO LEARN WHAT YOU DO!” (April, 2018)

On 1/28/21, 10:45 AM, “Sabrina G” :

Hello Karen-

I am interested in signing up for one of your Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture Workshops when you offer more.  Is it possible to be notified when your schedule comes out?    Thanks so much!      Have a beautiful day!     Sabrina



My dowsing training is mostly about the land and the proven negative stress lines that influence EVERYTHING on the land and how to remove them, scientifically proven. 

  However, you will learn how to use rods and a pendulum.  Your own body!        It will show you things. 

You may not ever have seen the simplicity of how DOWSING is as much of life as living.

My Spirituality with the land is innate.  I am very blessed yet ‘cursed’, if you will allow me,  as I have had to expand my visions about our MOTHER EARTH so as not to fall victim to incredible grief as to what humans chasing $$$$ has done. 

 I am a gentle warrior.

  1. OK, did you get Jan/Feb newletter?
  2. I will add you to the list.
  3. Let’s meet and I can come out and test…somewhere in my media a winter special is going on!

“Dowsing?  As the herds, followed the birds and the hunter/gatherers followed both?  They were dowsing.  Following Earth lines, perhaps Ley Lines to stay alive.” (c) KarenRiceKing, 2006.



Mountain REALTOR says KIRIT put us Together for a Reason

Hello Karen,

This is AO, Kirit’s friend from Edwards.  It was serendipity we met (but we both always said there are no coincidences) on a chairlift ride skiing back about 10 years ago.  We instantly became fast and furious friends, and he helped me emotionally through a very difficult time.  

He, in turn, was always very grateful for the introductions I made for him here in the Vail Valley as I have been a resident since 1984.

KAREN: I have been in this state since 1974.  In 1980 I got a full PAID trip to the ASPEN WRITER’S Conference for a poetry book. 

 As well, I think he enjoyed the playful character I can be with my humor and authenticity.  In addition, I co-started the consciousness series for the Vail Symposium which was about the same time I met Kirit which he donated to help kick-start it.  

KAREN: Wowie zowie ‘bat woman’!  I helped start Boulder Women’s Business Group and had been Director many times of our 22 years of profitable existence.  I am so impressed with what little I know of the Vail Symposium.  More networking for you and I?  Holy, Moly, Guacamole.

Kirit and I always got together every visit he made to his sanctuary home here in Edwards.  His friendship, the late night deep conversations, our dinners and laughs will forever be missed. 

KAREN: On my FB page I posted about his loss to me…Karen Rice King.  Then, on my EARTH ACUPUNTURE page on FB I had stopped sobbing and sound more coherent. 

  Glad you have had some connection on the other side from him.  Would enjoy having that experience with him, however, I do feel his presence by consistently remembering that smile on his face and they way he called my name in his accent pronunciation “O”!  

KAREN: I absolutely love when others like Kirit call me ‘Kaaron’.  I have hated my name with it’s nasal sound Karen, but mostly because I heard it way too often in my childhood from a source of pain for me.

I noticed, ironically, you also work your real estate clearing . .

KAREN: In the early 1980s I worked in classified advertising with the Daily Camera, won a national customer service award from Knight Ridder who owned the newspaper. Since  leaving WHERE TO LIVE magazine as I set up their distribution.  Realtors were always recruiting me.  When I had a car ‘incident’ in 1990, I left all corporate jobs and was guided to start my practice.  The way I got paid by anyone was in relations with Realtors.  Ghost busting, dowsing for investors in real estate remotely, where they would call me at my home office and have me ‘scan’ the property and they did not even look at it if I felt it was a waste of time.   My folder was fat!  all of this weird stuff!  Now, I get at least $1 per square feet of living space to do a full EARTH ACUPUNCTURE installation on a home.  Like the one in Vail?  They paid my motel room and pretty high pricing way back then.  They have had so much success in the home and business….I must check in with them!

perhaps that was Kirit’s magic in connecting us! 

KAREN: You say here that you were given my information from Kirit? 

 Would like to understand more about that cost and what that entails.  Buyers and Sellers could always use some clearing to get out of their own way and listen to my advice on real estate (I tend to have a good intuitive knowing when there is a good property value or not).

KAREN:  Oh, of course you are intuitive.  Or you would not be working as a Realtor.  It takes a lot of energy and ability to “see” a home with the people.  I did work in a big employment agency in Boulder and had the most ‘placements’ in the office as it took a ‘match maker’, right?  Like with a buyer or seller?

I will gladly look at this with you.  I think my contracts with Realtors in 1991 were written up individually and I was paid $1000 if an offer on the home priced at $500,000 back then sold within 30 days of my work.   Some Realtor chose to pay me by the hour to dowse over the phone. (as well as buyers!). I was actually involved with many, many RE negotiations.  And of counsel to Realtors who have passed on in Boulder County.

So, please…use your intuition.  Dream on this!  Let us explore.  And get to know each other any way!!!  Just for the fun of it and in my dear friend Kirit’s memory!

And warm regards works for me as well!

Warm Regards,


Ready for Dowsing?

Hi Karen- 

Thanks for getting back to me! Yes, I am glad to get your newsletter! Thanks… 

 I would love to be on your list for your next workshop! I live on a small farm (yes, own it) in the county west of Niwot. I grow grass hay and have a few horses. 

 It’s very near Table Mountain. I have raised bees for several years and have had much difficulty getting them through the winter. Thus, I have located hives in several different locations on the land. I’m interested in trying to find out best spot energetically to locate the apiary.  

 When I lived in Carbondale we had someone come out and dowse for water.  I’ve always been intrigued  and enamored with the concept.  That was over 25 years ago. 

 Thanks for returning my email! I will sign up for your next workshop.  look forward to meeting you this spring!



WOW!  Thanks for your interest Sabrina!

My newsletter goes out 6 times a year now.  Do you want me to put you on the list?  I will send you the one today and you can let me know.

Where do you live?

I am planning now for one on a small organic farm in Boulder county for April and one for a home outside Ward, CO in June.  They are in person and safe with pandemic protocols.  In fact, this is a ‘necessary service’ in the pandemic for people to learn how to do their own homes.

Do you own a home?  

More information in my closing BELOW…

My dowsing training is mostly about the land and the proven negative stress lines that influence EVERYTHING on the land and how to remove them, scientifically proven.

  However, you will learn how to use rods and a pendulum.  Your own body!  Will show you things you may not ever have seen the simplicity of how DOWSING is as much of life as living.

My Spirituality with the land is innate.  I am very blessed yet cursed, if you will allow me,  as I have had to expand my visions about our MOTHER EARTH so as not to fall victim to incredible grief as to what humans chasing $ has done.  I am a gentle warrior.

  1. OK, did you get Jan/Feb newletter?
  2. I will add you to the list.
  3. Let’s meet and I can come out and test…somewhere in my media a winter special is going on!

Dowsing?  As the herds, followed the birds and the hunter/gatherers followed both?  They were dowsing.  Following Earth lines, perhaps Ley Lines to stay alive.



Once an Apprentice and I had gone to a property, tested it for the owner and gone over cost, a contract was sent by email and agreed upon.

In 1996 I started my paid Apprentice program for other people interested in the work. The trainings I was doing back then was mostly for home owners who wanted to save money and do the installing and dowsing themselves. This saves a lot of money for the client.

By 2000 and soon after we started to see more and more changes to the number of copper clad L-rods needed on a property.

We mitigated the negative polarity Geopathic Stress lines (Earth energies such as underground water, fault lines, heavy metals in the drinking water and high mineral and clay in the soil).

We did this by walking around the home in a clock wise direction where we had determined with the owner the installation would be done.

We used GREEN flags for the Geopathic Stress and BLUE flags for the Hartmann Stress.

We mitigated the negative polarity Hartmann Stress lines (man made interferences like electrical grid, WiFi, cell towers, baby monitors, computers and cell phone towers) coming into the property and house from the South and West side.

Then, in 1996, here in Colorado, Slim Spurling, my mentor and colleague started telling me to tell my paid Apprentices that we must mitigate and install our copper clad L-rods for the Negative polarity Geopathic Stress lines on all four sides of the home and property.


This is when I learned that the major plates of the Planet, like the ones that caused the Tsunami in Thailand years ago, are all moving more noticably than was previously recorded by Geologists and other Scientists.

Hence, Slim said we needed to install the Geopathic Stress now on all 4 sides of the property and home.

Yet we could keep the Hartmann Grid mitigated with the lines coming into the property on the South and West only.

As we flagged out the property, the usual pattern was that we would see the Hartmann (man made stress) alternately 8 feet to 10 feet apart from each other.

The same was true with the Geopathic Stress.

By 2002, these flags started to be seen right next to each other instead of 8 feet to 10 feet apart. The BLUE and GREEN flags were growing closer and closer together.

We used Green flags to represent where we were going to install for Geopathic Stress (Earth energies). We represented the Hartmann Stress, named after a Physician in Germany, with Blue flags.

When I asked Slim why these would be running parallel to each other all of a sudden, he explained it was due to the increasing stresses occurring with the Earth and with all the technology growing in country.

By this time in Slim Spurling’s life he had pretty much given up hammering rods in the ground. He had created Light Life(R) Tools to use instead. I had been one of the many volunteers to try his tools and report back to him what I was “sensing” that they were helping me with.

As I am unable to put a photo in here, you may call me and I can send you over my computer of a photo of what we were finding.

The Geopathic and Hartmann lines were only inches a part.

Consequently, in our drawings of the finished home, the density of this ocurrence prompted me to start calling the lines DOUBLE WHAMMIES. And where these lines intersected ended up being as before. The most congestion in the home was always going through the bed in the Master bedroom. Also, through the desk and chair in the home office.

If the complaints included immune issues or behavioral challenges with the children or the pets, we would see congestion of these lines there as well.

If you are interested, please follow this subject by reading about FLIPPED FIELDS.


RE: AIRES TECH: New Products for 5G and More



Hi Karen,
Yes, Lifetune devices are significantly more effective than their predecessors, especially for use with 5G. All Lifetune devices can be used near credit cards.



  1. Client is asking if the pet unit can be worn on a chain by a human, to save money.
  1. Another client is asking how the personal unit on sale is “worn”?

Karen. 303-665-0175



Hi Karen,
1. There is nothing stopping Lifetune Pet from being worn by a human, but it was designed with pets in mind.
2. Lifetune Personal can be carried in the user’s pocket or bag, or using the provided carrying pouch.
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Regarding PANDEMIC PROCEDURE at My Workshops: 11/2020

Emily, I just want to let you know that with Boulder county going to ORANGE with the pandemic, we are going through with this workshop but only the first 4 will be able to come.   The homeowner and I are requiring masks for everyone and that they bring their own lunches.  I will supply individually wrapped single snacks for everyone and organic juice. We will be outside most of the time, but will be wearing masks and following the pandemic protocol. I already have a married couple ready to jump into the first workshop scheduled for 2021.  So, you and I may consider looking at some dates in March or April soon. Thanks, Karen