Ok,  Karen here and  going to add my newest notes in red since Elizabeth is blue and I started in black…

Hello Karen

E.:   I have not yet spoken about budgeting this.

K: With all this, what kind of financial investment did you do here? What do you stand to make if it sells?       E.:   Hopefully our initial investment.

K:  Or lose if it doesn’t?            E:  We need $ for other debts now. We Built it 8-9 yr ago. Partners want out too..

K:       No matter the stuff with partners, let’s get this done. Should there be equity so that you get more back? Anyway, timing sounds good that you and partners agree to sell now. One less hurdle, right?

E:  We put $300,000. In and paid some taxes on it.

K:          Rough estimate on taxes?

E :   We have gone down 8 times for around 2 wk s each. I lived next door for 6 wk worked on design purchasing furnishings, materials landscape etc while building it.

K:   Rough estimate on what costs would have been if someone else did all the work you did and cost of furnishing out of pocket during these 6 weeks?

(con’t) 1 round is all I can do and if we trade astrology wonderful. Yes I still have your horoscope.

(con’t)  So, start with the $300 round and see if that goes well. That is one assessment and 7 clearings.

E:  Are 7 for each chakra of this place or issue?

K:   NO, yet all aspects of building and property are covered. The list on a sheet consist of obsessions, possessions, entities (thought forms), curses, hexes, Red Threads (vows to the dark side from a previous life), Wolf Packs (being angry and never having released it), Arch demons, Arch Angels, Demons of Addiction, Negative energies in the home, negative things in the home…that sort of thing. All of these represent energetic, spiritual, mental, causal, emotional, psychological and metaphysical matters. SOUND LIKE A HORROR MOVIE? Well, in a way it is.

E:   I studied with Slim Spurling 23 yr ago…

K:  Wow, were you in the workshop I hosted at the dome on Niwot Road? I hosted their first workshop! This is more Psychic/Spiritual work, though I use my pendulum during sessions. At the $600 level, a customer stays in an active file for a calendar year. Since you want to “giddy-up” on this, I will break protocol as I think of you as friends.


K :   I was first trained by one of the founders of the Roscicrucian Movement here in Boulder. Then, I trained with an MD who found that all illness comes from entity possessions. Then, I did my Vision Quest, Kiva, Sweat Lodge and Medicine Wheel with Sun Bear. Which led me to become one of Sandra Ingerman’s Global Shamanic Teachers and a Master Dowser with the EARTH ACUPUNCTURE work that Slim Spurling authorized me to change his original work in Geomancy.

E:  I respect your advanced training.

K:   Through the decades of training, my original trainer said that this LONG DISTANCE CLEARING work is what will stand out after I die as I have melded together all these skills into a methodology that works for folks.

E:    Regarding trading some for Astrology update?    An hour is $100. But may need 1.5 hrs for an update.

K:   I can only trade for $100 at this time and am only trading with dear friends or colleagues at specific times, such as the need here.

K:  Let me know when you can! I would love the opportunity to work with you again!

E:   Yes I always feel good with you. I think that’s it!

All LOVE, All LIGHT, all the time©, Karen Laughs and Love! KRK

Blessings of eEVEolution


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