I have been ‘experimenting’ with Young Living Essential Oils combined with the Light Life Tools, for over a year now.

The oil is one of the more infused mixes from YOUNG LIVING, Magnify Your Purpose. I have had such interesting and exciting successes for me personally, as well as clients with certain individual oils. This blend, designed by a company with True Integrity in production, is a mix of the single oils I use and dowse for clients in session. Why do I LOVE Young Living?

They hired scientists in Egypt, one of my homelands, to distill the plants in a COLD PRESS manner. What that means to you and I? Complete molecular structure of the plant….in full HEALING GLORY! As, as in my youth, I bought oils to use on ME! Yet, as others told me ‘you smell great’, I FELT NOTHING IN MY ENERGETIC SYSTEM, including my Soul

Now, I am not a ‘hard core scientist’ in any dimension of the word….as I experience many ‘bodies’ and more chakras than we can count.
However, living this lifetime in the US, and having very special, yet limited travel out of this Land, I understand and support, LOYAL to what helps the most of my clientele. I am AN ADVENTURE GUIDE! Experiment, especially NOW!
I have learned over my entire lifetime that ANY BUSINESS or PRODUCT, that I put my energy in, is going to work for at least 90% of the users with anyone who sees or feels (2 gut theory again) their own life in this BODY and how we may be healthy, courageous and leaders. All of this I still publicly theorize, as more to the COUPLE. Couple of what?

WHY DOES IT ‘WORK’, as I am into supporting students and clients to get out of their SAFE ZONE and as I mentioned before, we ALL do not have linear Time to discuss for ever. FOREVER, does exist, with or without US.

So, there is NO TIME, to waste or to grant ourselves . WHOO owns time and how is it affecting our decisions?
I know many or you
Who have children
Not to mention
Watch and listen to both species
And you will find justice in your own home. ( my Intention and Prayer for U)

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (percentages in BODINI)

(copywrite, 2013. Karen Rice King, DBA, Ruffled Feathers, LLc.)

No judgment. Unconditional Love for 2. Two humans, two car tires x 2. TRY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for ONE. Yourself.

I do not have linear time to waste.

So, please when SHOPPING FOR ESSENTIAL OILS? Do not buy anything from the grocery/health food store without researching why it “smells” so good.

My brain, the one in our heads and the one in our guts, works for me….

More to come on the EMPOWERMENT RING and why?

Guess Who?

And HOW JUST any shift you make right now, any movement into LOOKING UP and LOOKING DOWN, may help you in this volatile time in Herstory?


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