Des Moines Client in Denver, 04/28/19


Hi, Karen, I had a healing session with you back in May 2017, when you were in Des Moines, Iowa.  I was still recovering from an ordeal with my shamanic teachers. He had energetically assaulted me during a healing session and continued to energetically stalk me.  I still appreciate your help with all that.  After all this time, I finally wrote my story about everything.  I mailed it to the two of them yesterday.  The “project” took the time it needed to take.  Plus each time I worked on it, energies tried to stop me.  It is a lot to read.  But it’s done, and I hope that ends all this crap and there is no blow back. I am sending copies of what I wrote to a few people who helped me during this.  It’s for your information, if you want to read it.  It’s also insurance–making sure the story is out there.   My husband and I are heading off to visit family in Denver mid-week.  We’ll return home about a week later.  Please send us good energies! Thanks again for your earlier help.



So good to hear from you again! It sounds like you are finishing quite a journey.

I am always stunned by the “inappropriateness” that occurs in all types of communities and somehow the Spiritual community is subject to this type of circumstances. I don’t know if I told you when we were together or not, but for my double major in World Religions and Psychology, I did an almost graduate level paper with research on this very subject back in 1971!

And listen, if there is any “blow back”, you could see me for an hour session for $120 in the office where I work in South Boulder.

The other option is a LONG DISTANCE CLEARING for $350 which puts you in an ACTIVE FILE for an entire calendar year.  We do 3 assessments and 21 clearings over the year.  Each time a series is finished, I mail you the results and you get three ½ hour phone appointments where I continue to test and clear you while we are talking about what it all means and what you can do to keep this SOUL CONTRACT shifted for ALL TIME!

Thank you for including me in your group who are getting the information. 

I have been thinking about Des Moines quite a bit honestly.  I miss coming over there.

Enjoy your time with your husband in Denver if I don’t get to see you!

Fondly, Karen

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