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Meg and other Teachers,

Judgment is a lesson for me as I grew up in the 50’s and my adopted Mom, who I often refer to as my primary “guru” this lifetime, was a bigot and judged others so harshly. I learned quite young that she was a “young” soul and my father and I had been around a while.

So, through the early years of counseling and being on crisis lines in college, I learned early how the mind can make assumptions about clients, even ones who were strangers on the other end of the phone line.

Now, decades later, it is more important than ever for me to be in my Core or Center, with nothing but my heart open when meeting with clients in more challenging circumstances. Then, when talking with their other support systems, I use my heart with my intelligence to try to work for the client in the way they desire, with no agenda….there seems to be enough “agendas” out there! I use that energy in myself towards environmental, animal and human rights issues through groups I belong to, politically, I suppose.

May the happiness and joy and LOVE of the Solstice and Season fill you!!!! Karen

On 12/21/12 11:15 AM, "Meg Beeler" <earthcaretakers@earthlink.net> wrote:

Thank you, Karen, for your reminders about judgment.

"Indigenous culture is based on the understanding that people are not moved through persuasion; rather, people are moved through being aligned in purpose…one’s experience of communion and reconnection with the living earth always arouses the desire to act on its behalf…" — Don Oscar Miro-Quesada

On Dec 21, 2012, at 9:59 AM, Karen Rice King <karen@karenriceking.com> wrote:

Re: [globalshamanicteachers] morphine and journeying

I have found since opening Hospice of Boulder County in the late 70’s as a volunteer to Kubler-Ross, through all these years, there seems to be a challenge for some practitioners about dying clients taking pain medications. Because of my psychic training, I can, with the help of my HELPING SPIRITS, and those of my client, cut through the drugs and simply work on a SOUL LEVEL with them…..of coarse, this is Shamanic as well!

We can not judge the choices our dear clients have made, whether to medicate or not for pain. My “job” is always to support with total Love and acceptance this Soul/Personality in front of me and to aid them in whatever they ask for, unless guided differently……..

It is an honor to be asked by anyone in transition to be with them!

You will hear how to work…just quiet your mind and listen.

Happy 2012 Solstice and the birthing fully of the NEW EARTH! Karen

On 12/21/12 10:32 AM, "earthcaretakers2012" <earthcaretakers@earthlink.net> wrote:

Hi everyone,
I always learn so much (just reading the walk-in correspondence)..

I have a new client who has stage 4 cancer. She had to take morphine during our session, and it seemed to affect my divination for her: I saw things then they’d float away or become obscure, frequently. This is not normal for me. I managed to get info I needed, but am wondering how to manage when I do soul retrieval and follow-up with her. She is not a journeyer, so I will do guided visualization, but her concentration definitely wavers.

Does anyone has experience with clients in this way, and what would you recommend (other
than her trying not to take morphine while we work, which is not always an option)?

Thank you, and solstice blessings!

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