Dear Barbara,
As a Shamanic practitioner trained also in Earth Acupuncture, I will say, yes, there are specific physical world ways of protecting ourselves from the bombardment of ELF’s. I am not sure about NOR ways. I used to carry devices in my pocket when I would go to work 18 hours straight on soap operas underground to neutralize the positive ion bombardment. And the device worked. That was in the 80’s.
I am not educated enough to know distinctions between WiFi and ELF’s, but I do know the harmful effects of each. I have installed the Egyptian Cubit Rods in my New York City office, developed by one of our own, Karen King, and learned from her the dowsing methods for protecting a structure from Adverse geothermal and ELF forces. My country home has copper staples 360 degrees around the structure for protection.
Dowsing is very much akin to journeying in my experience. Must be a Hollow Bone and correct intentions. When my clients enter my office on NYC, they immediately feel better because of the positive energy generated by rods.
I do not have WiFi in my home in the  country. I know of many people highly affected in Adverse ways by ELF’s, WiFi, and certain other electrical environments. There exists a number of “safe” places to stay at or visit that are free of these frequencies. There is a national list and more and more people need these safe zones. Yet the FIOS, the electric utilities, water co.s, and others  are proliferating the use of homewide WiFi systems with no regard for human/animal deleterious effects. Often without homeowner permission. Installing Smart Meters that send WiFi 24/7 throughout house. Combined with one’s computer and phone systems, the accumulative effects can be catastrophic. I cannot envision a spirit, Shamanic solution.
I also have been working with a V.I.B.E. machine since 2002 that corrects the damaged electrical charge in the cell walls adversely affected by ELF’s. And have witnessed miracle after miracle with that machine. A bio photonic light machine. The FDA tried to stop it’s production because it was assisting folks to throw off stage IV cancers. It is now know as another name, Quantum Pulse. It contains a Tesla coil, a Rife machine and mine also has a Slim Sperling Harmonizer.
I have helped many clients with lying on the Earth and taking salt baths. But have not investigated help with physical effects with the use of NOR info.
Hope I didn’t go on too long. It is a controversial subject, like cell phones causing brain tumors. For me it’s like, tie up my camel when I go to the temple.
Love to all,
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