Dowsing and Feng Shui

by Karen Rice King, Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser & Ordained Minister and Beth Kuper, Feng Shui Consultant

dowser 18th century

Originally, Feng Shui and dowsing were one and the same practice. The term “dowsing” simply means being sensitive to subtle earth energies through one’s body or by using divining toolssuch as a forked tree branch, dowsing rods, or pendulum.

Every homeowner can benefit from having “Earth Acupuncture” dowsing performed on their property to reduce or eliminate harmful manmade energies. These include electromagnetic stress from electronic equipment, high voltage wires, and cellular transmission towers. Earth Acupuncture dowsing also relieves geopathic (earth-made) stress which may be caused by underground running water, rock strata, mineral compositions, and fault lines.

After dowsing a property, we “cure” it by burying pairs of dowsing rods along the lines of stress to eliminate these negative energies. This creates a bubble of safety over the property and reinforces beneficial energies, resulting in improved health and well-being. Living in a less stressful environment strengthens and stabilizes people’s immune systems, and reduces or eliminates many chronic health problems.

If you live in an apartment or work in an office building, the Ancient Egyptian Method of installing vertical dowsing rods in a sacred geometric pattern can reduce negative energies and create improved health, prosperity, and peacefulness in your home. Additionally, in today’s slow real estate market, combining dowsing with Feng Shui can make properties more appealing to potential buyers and speed up the selling process.

Feng Shui BalanceThe Chinese words Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) mean wind and water flowing along natural pathways in rhythmic harmony. As a 5,000 year-old tradition, Feng Shui expresses the principle of balance, and Nature is the original Feng Shui artist. By aligning ourselves with natural earth energies, we can arrange our environments to allow life energy or chi to flow more smoothly.

The eternal principle, “As above, so below; as without, so within,” expresses how the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm, and how the symbols we interpret in our external environment mirror what is within us. We create our environments, and then they shape how we perceive the world.

Using Feng Shui, we can learn to interpret the symbols we have placed in our environments and apply appropriate “cures” in areas of disharmony. Combining these cures with our focused intention causes beneficial changes to ripple throughout our entire lives. Thus, we open ourselves to receive the blessings of increased abundance, harmonious relationships, successful careers, enhanced creativity, far-reaching reputation, more helpful people, closer family ties, and deeper wisdom.

Light & Love,

Karen Rice King

For more information, contact Karen 303.665.0175

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