Earth Acupuncture Apprentices

Recently I have been working with two delightful apprentices who must dowse and diagram 12 properties each, in order to get certified as EARTH ACUPUNCTURE facilitators.
We will test homes to determine how many stress lines intersect your property. First we
dowse the south and west sides for geopathic and Hartmann stress lines, inserting a flag at each stress point. We will give you a set of dowsing rods and show you how to feel these energies yourself. Finally, we’ll bury a couple of rods in ground to cure a stress line, and then we’ll retest by dowsing to demonstrate that the stress line is cured.
PLEASE read these statements by the well known Alex Stark, who uses Feng Shui, geomancy, and shamanism in his inspiring work. The quote below is from his paper titled “Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress.”

Geopathic Stress (also known as geo-stress) is a form of trauma caused by an energy grid which contains and transmits vital forces. This grid is essential to life, and is part of the background radiation which supports life. However, this energetic grid can become traumatized and the energies which it contains and emanates can become harmful to life. Geopathic stress has been implicated in a number of undesirable effects to human health, from simple conditions such as sleeplessness or confusion, to highly dangerous ones such as cancer, decreased fertility, and autoimmune dysfunction. . .

As many of you have heard or read on my website, when my property was dowsed and cured in 1991 (after an auto accident that caused a head injury and full body whiplash), my entire life changed for the better!

Slim Spurling and Bill Reid performed the dowsing and I said, “You have to teach me this!” Since then, I’ve
evolved to offer the Earth Acupuncture training with the recommendation of both men. Now that Slim has passed on to another dimension, I personally feel more motivated than ever to utilize this system.

In later years, we discovered that the Egyptian Method tested beneficial on properties that are less stressed. Please read more on my website

Love & Light

Karen Rice King

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