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My suggestion to you, is to ask for a home demonstration, before you pay anyone else! They may charge you $50 for the demo, yet they should apply that money to the installation. If you have any more work on your home, I will never consider it as a HOST HOME.

Tough nut! I know that “shopping for a cure” has wasted some of my clients thousands of dollars! Through the stages of ‘finding or building’ a “dream home.”

I am contacting my friend who owns a home north of LA, as suddenly I have 3 inquiries from your area…….we will figure this out!!!

Nice speaking with you today! I grew up with my Mother speaking French to me….I am not so good any more! At speaking French, anyway.

You might find this ‘funny’. After FLUNKING FRENCH my freshman year at college, and I needed to make up the credits, I signed up mistakably for a GRADUATE FRENCH CLASS at the University of Pittsburgh. I was one of 5 students and the Professor, a native of France, would NOT allow me to leave the class. By the end of 2.5 months, I was writing in French better than the graduate students, however I still could not speak it nor could I hear it very well. NOTE: especially from a cell phone!

Do what you feel you know. If you have any questions, in your heart or your mind, then wait…check in with your own body! And please, shop less and save for your healthy future!

Let your Light Shine, Karen

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Hello Karen, was nice speaking with you too and I tried to call u bk but my call went to voice mail. I found a consultant who is coming to my house tomorrow to install cooper pins…and I’ll of course continue monitoring the remediation and I’ll love to talk to you further ot to attend one of your a matter of fact, if you are interested maybe you can have one of your seminars at my house, if you decide to do one in the LA area. Thx so much for your insight and hope to talk to you soon,

Best regards

Anne Katz

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