Elk Run Ecology Farm

Good Morning Nick!

Sofia Bogdanovich has taken my initial training and is considering my Apprenticeship program in Earth Acupuncture, LLC.

I somehow lost the email you sent me, but remember you mentioning that there is underground waters running through your property and it may be influencing you growing there.

I have had many successes working with farms, ranches and other commercial sites.  Residential work is our mainstay, but these jobs on big properties are my favorite, especially like yours where you are growing with intention.

Our first in person meeting costs $100 but includes testing and a book for you.  It is at least an hour on site discussing your challenges and determining where we may be installing.  

For instance if there is a home on the site that is the acting OFFICE for the business, we would test that first and follow with the main growing operations.

I will like to plan our visit so that Sofia may be present with me to see how I work with new people.

I have some openings so let me know what may be best for you.

I am really looking forward to meeting with you and learning more about your operation.


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