FOLLOW UP/Egyptian Install/Denver Condo 01/06/18

Hi Karen, 

Happy 2019 to you! I’m getting back into town and finally finishing installing your recommendations. A couple of questions:

-I have the cd playing on repeat at all times roughly in the center of my space (hopefully that’s ok). Does it matter if the volume is kept low on the cd player? 

NO, that’s perfectly fine.  You will go through batteries unless you are plugged into the wall.  If it’s higher the noise is too distracting.

-With the Egyptian rods, it was my understanding that I was installing 2 rods at each location. However the instructions in the box only notes one rod at each location. Do the double rods need to be installed in any particular way or do I just tape 2 rods together at each location?  

You do want two rods together in each of the locations, literally touching each other.

Thank you! 


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