I want to follow up with you since we did your home:

  1. You asked me to retest the property after our last test to take into consideration that new sprinklers were put in. Since we had done a full check of the property already I will need to charge you for this additional visit particularly since you installed sprinklers after our work. The charges will be for my work outside the house only. Our time inside is free.
  • You expressed interest in getting a PERSONAL HARMONIZER with the CD of ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING to run in the home and in your home office due to the major power lines from the XCEL plant coming through your property. Also considering the 5G device over by the school on 75th.
  • I left you with a form to fill out regarding how satisfied you are.
  • I want to follow up if your son is still scared sometimes in his room or hall.
  • I want to follow up if your business is doing better than before we came to work.
  • I also want to know if you and your husband found common ground in your discussions and do not have the tension in your communications you talked about in our first meeting and also in the review of the paperwork.

I would love to look and make sure the SPRINKLER folks DID NOT disturb any of our installation and correct anything I do find.

I also can bring over some of the tools I own and my laptop and we can get you what you’d like in the tools that I carry at the same time for NO EXTRA charge.

Please let me know what you think!


HI Karen, 

I would like to set up the visit. There was a strange swarm of wasps around a small Aspen tree in the front.

My son has been sleeping more in his room and has not mentioned ghosts.

I have had some increase in my business and I am having more clear communication with my husband. 

Let’s schedule a time:)

COMMENT: If you notice, every challenge the client mentioned was resolved as she had wished! I did tell her that in regard to the WASPS, it is a seasonal behavior and stay away from them and all will be fine.

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