FREE TALK @ Psychic Horizons, December 3rd, 7pm-8pm


Karen Rice King is an Energy worker, Spiritual Psychic and well known Master Dowser for her work with Earth Acupuncture, LLc.  She also is a Global Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher.  Running  an Apprenticeship Program and mentoring clients and students is her thing!  Dowsing is one of the historically oldest methods for Spiritual, Psychic and real world problems and challenges.

We will spend the time seeing demonstrations and being led in a shamanic journey.  Karen will be educating us in Indigenous ways from around the world. You will see her dowse for Geopathic stress, which can raise havoc in our lives.  Where lines cross in our homes it can create disease and  worse.  She is researching the effects of Fracking and 5G on our culture and the living beings around us. 

She will have a benefit for all of you to leave with! 

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