globalshamanicteachersRE: Society for Shamanic Practitioners Doomsday or Divine Awakening, you decide?

All these shifts are really cycles within cycles. This last one started in 3113 BC on a Tuesday, which, as ye may recall is Red’s Tamale day, [1] <#_ftn1> . and is now completing, some 5,125 years later. The full astrological circle where our solar system circles our galaxy takes about 125,000 Earth years. That’s’ where we are now, right in the focus of the transition of the Pisces Fish butting heads into the waters of Aquarius smoothing out the rocks on our paths.

This point in galactic time is when there’s a major planetary alignment. Gravity will increase somewhat posing a boon for diet programs. Our Earth is moving closer to the Milky Way galactic core and therefore our Earth home and we passengers will experience a forthcoming period of growing enlightenment. We are passing through the Milky Way galaxy’s equator, another powerful and favorable era.

The horrific troubles of the last 20 years are symbolic of the dark end of a major cycle. Only light awaits us and we can heal with that.

Nevertheless, it’s always a good time to get out in the woods, to immerse ourselves in Nature, to pray our gratitude for out Earth walk on this blue globe, until the next time around.


Polomo John
Mt. Shasta <>

The land is a sacred trust held in common for the benefit of the future of our nations.
Haida Gwaii Traditional Circle of Elders

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