Great Workshop Last Weekend! 06/24/19

We worked on the end townhome in a building of 3 units. As we were testing and then hammering copper clad L-rods into the ground a woman came out of her home to quiz us.

I told her “I am so concerned that Colorado still leads the nation in MS, certain cancers and ADHD in kids. We’ve had monumental changes with this work.”

She replies, “put rods everywhere you want! At least 4 neighbors and I have had cancer.”

Wow! My host and I were blown away from the response. We made a pledge to check back with her.

2 of the participants are looking at my apprenticeship program. By Sunday everyone was dowsing and hammering 100% correctly! My attending Apprentices learned how to work with a situation like what we were in.

I feel so very blessed to have had the pleasure of having Slim Spurling help save my life by doing my home in 1991 after an auto incident had traumatic consequences. I was mentored by him and now have 28 years of my own research and experiences.

With Fracking and 5G on its way everyone needs to have their home tested and mitigated by someone who completed my program.

And I’m looking for host homes, farms, ranches and businesses in every area of our country!

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