Healing with Earth Acupuncture
by Beth Kuper, Path of Chi Feng Shui

The practice of human acupuncture has many similarities with earth acupuncture. Just as a weakness may develop in one of our bodily organs which may lead to illness, natural weaknesses are found in the earth. Such geopathic stress may be caused by high concentrations of minerals, rock strata, radon, and geothermal water deposits. Man-made technologies create stress in the form of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from electric power generation, cell phone towers, and other devices that enhance our modern lifestyle.

An acupuncturist takes numerous pulses to locate meridians of stress on the body, and in a similar way Master Dowser Karen Rice King uses dowsing to locate geopathic and man-made stresses on the land. These stresses become challenging for anyone with allergies, sleep problems, illnesses, auto-immune conditions, or a weak physical system.

An acupuncturist inserts needles into the body along meridians relating to specific organs and glands to balance the chi, or life force, thus restoring the person to health. In the same way, King inserts specially designed metal rods into the earth to mitigate stress points, calling the practice “Earth Acupuncture.” Many people report that after Earth Acupuncture has been performed on their properties they feel calmer, sleep better, and have beneficial improvement in their medical conditions.

To scientifically validate these claims, King is working with two Ph.D. scientists on a professional medical study to measure the effects of Earth Acupuncture on adults with sleep issues.

Karen Rice King has taught dowsing, psychic development, spirituality, and Shamanism classes all over the U.S. for more than 30 years. For more information on dowsing and the medical study, see KarenRiceKing.com.

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