The Benefits of Earth Acupuncture

What is Dowsing?

“Dowsing can be described as divining for something that is desired. Most people
consider dowsing to be a search for water, and this is how the whole field began
thousands of years ago” (From Dowsing for Beginners be Richard Webster).

Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture for Home and Office
By: Karen Rice King, B.A.
Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser and Ordained Minister

Get your property tested by a qualified and knowledgeable dowser first. Once it has been determined that you have dangerous levels of these stress lines intersecting in your home or office, they can be removed. A specially trained Dowser will install copper L–rods around your property to create safe zones.

Then family and business matters flow more harmoniously. Health and psychological challenges can be relieved more easily. As this treatment becomes more effective, there is no end to the possibilities. Think about what you want in your life! You can make it happen!

Benefits to business owners:
• More enjoyable space for employees and clients
• More effective work habits and greater productivity
• Enhanced ability to attract and maintain customers
• Increased revenues

Benefits to building professionals who design and build where Earth Acupuncture has been done:
• Smoother construction process, fewer injuries to workers, and completion on-time and
• Reduction of stress and increase in worker cooperation and job satisfaction
• Increased realization of Nature’s role in the design
• Better reputation earned from serving happy, healthier clients
We hope you take advantage of this generous Earth Acupuncture offer!

Please see for upcoming workshop announcements, including EARTH
ACUPUNCTURE TRAINING in Autumn 2011 on the front range of Colorado. I will be interviewing
for new, paid apprentices to go through this program.

SPIRIT JOURNEY workshop will also be offered, so let me know if you’re interested.
Please read the following article written about my work in Steamboat Springs a few years ago.
Love and light,

Karen Rice King

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