I AM LOSING TOUCH. by Karen Rice King

Comes and goes 

Yet you never see the


As You are losing


As I am loving touch 

Of Life and living. 

I hear you breathing s0

Short and shallow

As you breathe.


Everywhere I meet you,

In the Natural Grocer’s parking lot.


Every time I see and/or watch

Your thoughts and emotions

Influence our air conditions.


Every time a kid made a gun from instructions on the internet

while you and yours were so fracking busy you did not notice how sad this Soul is and killed or injured

Other kids?


Says a lot why I only wanted to adopt.   As if the ‘adopted’ 

will never kill.

My hands do not have blood dripping.

Your hands are dripping in blood and dirt you never?

Your hands are dripping in your Soul loss


Never healed and birthed kids and did NOT figure out

Who you are?

I embrace All I mention.  I pray for all is revealed here. 

Tonight, since the last Eclipse

I see perfectly what is unfolding.


All the layers

We as humans

Have created

With our

Untrained minds

And unkept promises

That should have never

Been spoken out loud.


I am tired of being tired of being

Human in the 3rd dimension.

Like the ‘Twilight Zone’ from the decade I supposedly

Chose to come back to in the 1950’s? 

To  this Planet of ours?

I embrace All who are suffering with loss of human life.

I am held by my Mother Earth and all the Heavens/Dimensions

With or without a breath of air.

May we all kneel on this Earth?

For those who have crossed over, whether our family or our supposed 


It is TIME for YOU to acknowledge your part in this Theater of life…


And please  

let us find our way.

 Somehow, before our Souls become fodder 

for the  evil no matter where they came from…

We live in a world of Polarity.

And I am sick of it!

Right…left.  “I had a good home but I left.”

I Am Losing Touch© 2012 KarenRiceKing

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