IN ONE CIRCLE, Global Teachers meeting on different LAND, 2014

I please ask that since Sandra, Sandy, Isis, is not attending, I ask that you remove the TERM, REUNION.

Why, oh, I must be sentimental. Reunion of the Global Teachers may still someday find Isis visiting us again in a group of 60! Or 2….Please, for sacred reasons, eliminate the term REUNION. Unless of coarse, we may have a Skype Visit from Sandy or Isis….you know, who may plan these events?

Much understanding, especially for all of you in the countries that crave this UNION. And for all of you tracing your Ancestors to this Ancient, Sacred land, and with such knowledge of the area and the Ancestors, truly all will be blessed who attend. I may speak of this, as I was one of 14 Global Teachers to go to Lendrick Lodge in Scotland just a few years ago! Hosting 60 some folks from Europe for Beltane. The raising of the pagan pole where in that country was just about right on the SPOT we were. This is an opportunity not to ignore.

BUT GET REAL! This is not a REUNION. It is UNION of names I haven’t even seen before!

I was adopted, before my birth, and my name was to be Karen or so Dad said. Mom said, Elizabeth. Tell you anything?

Karen comes from before the Vikings. Same region? I suppose I will never truly know until I make this excursion, in body or spirit or both…know what I mean? Karen

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