INFO for APPRENTICES: Response to Iowa 07/27/19

Hello Karen,

I hope you are well and content. Congratulations on your new projects and ventures.

I have a possible earth acupuncture job which is a house. I re read my notes and material from you today. As I have not done this recently I wanted to get some confirmation from you on:

I can charge $ 0.70 per square foot?  I can’t put my hands on your contract but apprentices over here are permitted to charge  $ .50 per square foot of living space including an unfinished basement, attached garage.  Square footage is found in the county assessor’s record.  Client may have the floor plan and if not you need to hand draw it or download from assessors’ records to an 8 ½ x 11 page size.

I do not need to include you in the initial meeting with the client?  That is your choice at this point, however with a 3 way call after you have tested and demonstrated where the negative lines are in person for at least 15 feet on the South and the west side of the house where the Geopathic and Hartmann stress is found…may help you close the deal!  You may charge something for going out to TEST THE PROPERTY and show them your drawings of the work you have done.  Then when they contract with you, take it off the bill. 

While I don’t need rods currently, what is the current cost and quantity of L and also Egyptian rods, the procedure for ordering and the estimated delivery time?  Please contact Lish for your rods.  If you are having difficulty getting them, then call me.  I will need to see a picture of your flagging, the total square footage, pictures of all four sides of the house to determine if you need a 10lb bundle or more.

Thank you Karen and All the best to you.  Many blessings to you.  I always enjoyed our time together. As Alisha is certified now you may  address her with all of this unless you both deem it necessary to pull me in.

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