JONI RESPONDS & Moving Forward

Hi Karen, 

Communication is an art for sure. Please feel my heart, that saying sorry was not meant in that context, not to pull your energy down by any means.  I see you.  I also appreciate clear communication and with that said, the words should have read: “I wish I could have responded sooner”.  Thank YOU for your clear communication. 

I appreciate your support very much. 

As I mentioned on our Zoom call the other day, I resonate very much with your work.  I appreciate your wisdom and the 30 years of knowledge and experience you hold within your being here on planet and beyond.

It is my hearts desire to be of service, in alliance with Love, Light of our Unified mission.  My identity as Joni, may not know exactly what this looks like. I am open and receive guidance in Divine Right Order. Looking forward to working with you on all levels. 

Blessings to you and your team Karen.

Much love,


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