JUNE TRIP/Apprenticeship Program/State of Washington

Well, it has been a challenging year for sure, yet I feel clearer and in a higher frequency….now to adjust to mundane day-to-day!!!! I am hoping to reach the hostess of the
Tonasket workshop today or tomorrow to settle the dates. ALSO, Diana in Bellingham at WISE AWAKENING. I am also contacting Matthew in Vancouver and seeing if he and see if he and his wife may want me to come up there.

I am working on the contract for apprentices and will have those ready to go out soon. They are completely adaptable to the individual’s needs and I have lowered my pricing for the long distance program. Let me know if you are still interested! I am hoping to have a new friend host a Bellingham workshop and because of your confusion with your own dowsing, will want you to re-take the workshop before entering the apprenticeship program. We need to see if you can be consistent and confident in your findings, particularly if being mentored long distance!

You know I would love to see you grow into this if your choose and working with you has always been delightful! So, please do not be discouraged or negative in your response to this as I mean no harm. I am simply aware of your many doubts and questions about your dowsing.

Knowing your home was a more than usual challenged property should ease your conscience. Homes right on the NSEW grid are much, much easier to mitigate.

And, I love it over there in Washington, and if all goes well with Brooke apprenticing and you and perhaps Laura too, I will have good reason to come out to work with all on some of the properties which will make you totally secure in your abilities as I coach you.

Also, remember that when I am there working right with you, I bid the job on the phone with you listening in, then, PAY YOU to work with me!! IT IS A PAID APPRENTICESHIP when I can work with you in person!!!!

So, it is to your advantage to start thinking of homes we can do! Start by making a small list of prospects, and I will coach you on how to get folks EXCITED about this. I need to talk to you soon by phone to see what the market will bear in terms of pricing so we are in sync.

I can give folks a great discount FOR A POSTAL MONEY ORDER since I am flying in for the work! Then, I turn around and pay you!

So, let’s set a time this week to talk if possible and if not, let’s get a time for right after Thanksgiving. I am ready to ROCK AND ROLL with the state of Washington!!!!

I will forward the contract over to you today that we have made up currently and KNOW THAT YOU AND I CAN ADAPT IT AS WE AGREE ON.

Much love and support in all you do for the world! Karen

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