Just to Clarify…

Oh, and it is ley lines. Everyone says ‘lay lines’, so don’t dismay!
 We remove the negative polarity GRID lines and leave the Ley lines.  I just held an advanced class where apprentices came from Portland, Des Moines and all over Colorado to learn more of my extensive research of over two decades.
I held it at a historic farm house in Niwot here in Boulder County that I worked on over 20 years ago.  As you may imagine, the work I did that long ago did not still exist and ended up installing all over again.  We mitigated the lines in the current style which was to do the GEOPATHIC STRESS lines on all four sides of the house, cutting into the house from all four directions.
The HARTMANN STRESS grid (man made energies) were mitigated from the South and the West.
We found 7 personal negative stress lines, as the house now has renters turning over in the boarding house format.
Just wanted to clarify!  Karen


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