Karen Rice King—Earth Acupuncture Testimonial by Andrea Jehn Part 2

If you suffer from any of these symptoms:

  • Sleep disorders
  • tingling
  • numbness
  • pain in arms and legs
  • chronic fatigue
  • aching and swelling
  • dizziness
  • frequent headaches
  • vision problems
  • disorientation
  • memory loss
  • instability
  • stress
  • nausea
  • inability to heal
  • allergies
  • problematic menstrual cycles
  • anxiety
  • listlessness
  • resistance to medical treatment
  • inability to absorb vitamins and minerals
  • ADD
  • MS
  • hyperactivity
  • depression
  • a general feeling of malaise.

you may want to have your house examined by a geobiologist.

By placing metal or crystal rods in the earth on the intersections of meridians, geobiologists can
help neutralize negative energies affecting the earth as well as its inhabitants. For homes, offices, and public areas, this stress-reducing technique is invaluable. King applies Earth Acupuncture to create what she calls a “safe zone.” Everywhere there is a negative stress line, King places rods, or “venting needles,” to divert the energy either upward or downward. This creates an energetic bubble of relief around the building or location.

By dowsing to find these negative lines on the property or on an enlarged map of the location, King finds
the direction of flow and intersection points of these lines. The intersections are the highest in energy and
the most dangerous areas to human health. By inserting rods into the ground, the energy is deflected
around or above the house and its inhabitants. King also applies gem elixirs and crystals to the earth and
home are to assist with dispersing and neutralizing the negative energies.

People vary in their susceptibility to geopathic stress, depending on their own energy vibrations and
sensitivity levels. Most commonly, the stress affects the weakest areas of health and continues to break
them down. In Europe, many geopathic practitioners and mainstream physicians have their seriously ill
patients’ homes screened for geopathic stress.

Although King makes clear that healing these negative energies and being within the stress lines is hard
work and taxes your energy, she states this is something that anyone can learn and practice, and
encourages locals to help bring this valley back into balance.

King states that “Steamboat is a hotbed for meridians.” High altitude, water content, and mineral content
are combined amplifiers of these energy lines in this valley. High electromagnetic fields caused by
electrical wires and power plants also amplify geopathic stress.

Karen Rice King hosts very affordable, full two-day workshops. Attendees are taught the Earth Acupuncture technique during these workshops, and go home with a pendulum, compass, training manual, dowsing rods, gridding rods, and two books. Full organic meals will also be provided. Her workshops are limited to 15 attendees, so early sign-up is encouraged.

Andy Jehn has been a contributor for The Local since its inception and is a freelance writer and published author. She is also founder of her own Alternative Healing practice, Innerself Lightworks, practicing many of metaphysics’ fine arts.

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Love & Light,

Karen Rice King

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