Karen Rice King—Testimonials for Distance Healing, Dowsing, and Earth Acupuncture

Karen Rice King

Karen Rice King, Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser

“Every year or two I have Karen clear me, my home and my business. If I forget, I always feel the difference within a couple of months. My life loses something, something I’ve grown to love about how everything feels and operates in my environments.” —L.S., Longmont

“This process Karen does is very interesting. I’m not sure how it works, but all eight of my investment properties are in a file marked ‘Long Distance Healing,’ and I wouldn’t be without that work!” —T.G., Boulder

“Karen did a long distance clearing on my relative, who was diagnosed bi-polar schizophrenic, and he had a remarkable turnaround. He now sees a therapist regularly, lives safely in a group home, takes his meds, and seems like his ‘old self’ once again. My family is eternally grateful to Karen for her gift of healing.” —E.K., Lafayette

Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture, these are the most powerful and effective methods for bringing energy into healthy balance that I have encountered in all my years of teaching and sponsoring phenomenal practitioners and teachers of energy and healing work. If you have not learned these methods, this is the time to study with one of the world’s best instructors. Karen Rice King studied under the direct tutelage of Slim Spurling, the legendary Dowser, and she brings his work to life in synergy with her own masterful genius in this fascinating workshop filled with hands-on learning.—Yasha Jampolsky, FourPillarsHoroscope.com

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Karen Rice King

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