This is for my DOWSING AND EARTH ACUPUNCTURE TRAINING for homeowners in Boulder on Saturday, the 22nd and Sunday, the 23rd of June. A spot is available for an individual or a pair of people who live together and will share the L-rods on a shared property. So, $450 for individual and $650 for a pair of people. SEE MORE at or EarthAcupuncture, under the heading, WORKSHOPS. Details are there. Have any questions? Text/call me at 303.810.6486. First come, first served. Learn how to mitigate your own home and office from the nasty Geopathic Stress and all the technological waves bombarding our bodies and spirits. Great for Elders, kids and all the animals you live with! You won’t believe it until you come and experience my research of 28 years, based on the work of the internationally known Slim Spurling.

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