MAY 15TH: Last Day to Register for 50% off TEST!

We are offering half off on an hour appointment at your home to test, flag and demonstrate how many negative polarity lines are cutting through your bed and favorite chair. If you have health challenges or are struggling with a business out of your home, you will not want to miss this. Fee for test appointment is absorbed when you contract an installation of EARTH ACUPUNCTURE at your home for 20% OFF usual pricing. If you want it done, we will make it happen for you!

Twenty-eight years of doing this work has shown me that people say they sleep better, the dog’s open wounds that are slow to heal, heal immediately. And if Grandma has moved in she may say she isn’t getting up so many times during the night.

****This is not a substitute for regular medical supervision or care. It is something for your home and your landscaping! You simply may tell us about something that has been bothering you. After we are done, you may say, “Gosh, my itchy skin has stopped “.****

Last chance for 2019 to get this pricing! Sign up today!

Contact or call her office at 303.665.0175.

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