Medicine For The Earth

by Karen Rice King and Roxanne Roberts

The Medicine for the Earth, hosted by Karen Rice King and Roxanne Roberts, was a gathering where they shared the Medicine for the Earth formula, which led students in transfiguration exercises to embody this divinity in order to practice transmutation and transform themselves and the earth.Medicine for the Earth

The world we live in today is different from the world our parents and grandparents lived in. We seem to be in a time of constant turmoil, with things like global warming, war, political unrest, and other traumatic situations facing us each day. It’s like being swept up in a tornado, being spun around, and feeling out of control. There is a way through it, however. A way we can find our center while being in the eye of the tornado. A way to bring balance back into our lives while transforming what is going on around us, back to its natural, neutral state.

The principals or formula from Medicine For The Earth© are designed to show us how to transform personal and environmental toxins, thus healing ourselves and Mother Earth. This is the result of 20 years of studying alternative ways of reversing pollution.

These same principals were used in 2004, with a heart study at the University of Michigan. The results were that the patients who continued to use this as a daily practice are doing better than those who have not been exposed to these principals. Sandra Ingerman, who brought us this formula, was asked to speak about this spiritual practice at the United Nations on July 27, 2006. These principals, used in ceremony, have been scientifically proven, to change polluted water back to a more neutral state.

During a Medicine For The Earth gathering, we taught these principals and introduced students to a new spiritual practice. They learned to transfigure, move beyond physical form, to connect with “divinity” and bring that power through their very being. This enabled them to radiate this energy throughout their bodies, out to the earth and to those around them, by transmuting the “disharmony,” and bringing it back into harmony.

We are not changing things into something else when we use this modality, but merely bringing them back to their natural state. This gathering was experiential and full of different exercises where students learned to embody the divine and be fully present with it. When you apply these principles and spiritual practices to your life, you will change the way you interact with the world. You will discover it’s not “what you are doing” but “who you are” that changes the world. Medicine for the Earth enhances your current spiritual or religious practice.

Love & Light,

Karen Rice King

For more information, please go to Contact Karen Rice King and visit Karen Rice King’s website.

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