Meditate with Karen Rice King

I want to share a meditation I am starting my day with….for me, around 5-6am, mountain time.

Right now, I place my crystal sphere in my RIGHT hand, on my heart. The heart is what I call the “cross-over” CHAKRA. In basic structure, 3 major chakras above, 3 major chakras below.
Then, I put my metamorphosis crystal right above my pubic bone in my LEFT hand.Karen Rice King Morning Meditation
(now, let me mention that you may charge your crystals in the sun or on a light box you may buy in a crafts store)
(also, let me add that one of my divine physical therapists advised me that this placement of the hands for 20 minutes, creates a complete lymphatic balancing).

I then begin my Ki Gong breathing….9 breaths, in the nose, out the mouth. If I lose count, I start the breathing over, until I get it corrected.

During this 20 minutes, lately, I have been asking for the marriage of my Soul’s Contract for this lifetime, with my Personality/Ego, with grace, Love, Light and Ease. IN BREATH.

Then, I ask for the marriage of the Whole of Life on Planet Earth with Life’s HIGHEST SOUL/SELF, for the good of All concerned. OUT BREATH.

I give my varied THANK YOU’s before closing.

GOSH, do I feel BLESSED to start my Day!

Are there any meditations that you practice daily? Tell me about them!

Light & Love

Karen Rice King

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