MENTORING CLIENTS, Emily, 11/25/19

Hey, Karen! My name is Emily and I live in Fort Collins. I’m currently looking for someone who would be interested in being my mentor for shamanic healing/spiritual development/healing/etc. I am a single mother of three who has gone through a very transformative year. I have achieved a lot of personal growth, conscious and unconscious self awareness, spiritual development, and use of some divinity tools. I am an epath, and have healed people (or tried to) in my own way as long as I can remember. I feel I’m reaching a standstill in my growth, which I know can be beneficial as well, but I really feel called to seek out a mentor to help me along this journey. If you are at all interested or could recommend someone local who is, I would truly appreciate it. 

Karen: I am meeting with her in Longmont tomorrow to discuss further.

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