Merry Christmas!


What a terrific message and as a poet, I love the way you centered your words and they formed shapes.

Right now, I can see your face to my left in a small circle at reunion as you were channeling a known Spirit to me…it was when we all had broken into smaller groups….Chetna, oh gosh, more faces, the fellow from the NY in white…as we worked right off the building in the parking area in shade from a glorious scrub tree.

Yes, it is a Merry Christmas. As I view my microcosmic world in relation to the whole Universe, the multitudes of Worlds and Dimensions, I feel humble, safe and motivated tonight.

I too have messages, omens and support to make changes in my life that may take me through the rest of my Earth years. I thank you so much for your contribution to my life and the shamanic community as a Whole.

I hope you and I may remain in communication. Yet, I already have in my heart, years of shape shifting, transfiguring and transmutation with you.

Looking forward to more in 2013! Karen dba RuffledFeathers, LLc.

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Merry Christmas

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