MILE-HIGH-DOWSERS March 7th Meeting

Join us for a fun and informative evening presentation by Hank Innerfeld on:

Common Sense Preparedness – We are all living through interesting times of change – impacting us individually, collectively, nationally, internationally, and globally. Hank will share insights, understandings and suggest practical approaches in dealing with emergencies. This will enable each of us to face an array of potential real-life challenges… far more comfortably and easily… with forethought and preparation… rather than being surprised or overwhelmed by the challenging situations.

Hank Innerfeld is dynamic motivational speaker, providing tools to enable people to more pro-actively embrace their lives. He is the author of two books on awakening consciousness, a frequent radio talk-show guest, a spiritual teacher and a gifted healing practitioner. Hank works with clients globally and teaches classes and workshops nationally. He is also a Master Dowser, who previously served as Vice President of the Mile-High Dowsing Society for four years.

PS, While MeetUP says 5 members will be at the meeting the fact is, There are about 60 PAID Members. Most of whom do not have Computers, or have yet to sign up on MeetUP. So the point is, there are usually about 38-50 people at the Meetings.

Dowse how many you think willl attend and show up to check you skill.

Yo’all come now, Ya hear !

Member at Large.

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