More About EARTH ACUPUNCTURE Paid Apprenticeship Program, 05/02/19

Great talking to you the other day…

I will send the contracts to you and please remember that we customize the contracts.  Things to remember when considering Apprenticeship program:  MONEY transactions. 

  1. When we are working together you will pay me $150/month to be in the program
  2. When we are working together and I am being paid $1 per square feet of living space including attached garage, I pay you $50/hour to fulfill your apprenticeship duties, such as hammering rods into the ground and dowsing the property while I check you and teach you.
  3. If  I settle for a cash donation for the property, I pay you $20/hour.
  4. If I agree with the client on a price less than $80 per square feet of living space with attached garage included. (as well as unfinished basements!)…you will be paid $35/hour.

****This is while on the property with me working and training.

So, you see that the money you paid me is earned backed quickly if we land more installations around the workshop time.  I want my Apprentices to succeed and have fun also!

WHEN YOU BRING A CLIENT TO ME:   you will paid a referral fee based on the amount I am paid for the job.  So, usually minimum of $200 and maximum of $500.

IF YOU FIND A PROSPECT INTERESTED IN HAVING PROPERTY TESTED:   Home owners, as they are the ones usually willing to pay this amount, you must not say too much to them in the very beginning and refer them to my website or printed materials.  You will be expected to go to the one hour appointment with me to learn how to test the property, see why the client is considering this work, where we dowse and put flags in the ground to show the client how many stress lines are on the property.  (usually 10-20 feet on the South side of building and on the west side of the building)

Whether I am in Colorado or no matter where I am at the time and the opportunity comes up, I ASK THAT WE HAVE A 3-WAY CALL as soon as possible, so that you start to learn how I get the TESTING APPOINTMENT and INSTALLATION scheduled.  Over time, you will be commanding more and more of the process depending on your abilities and developing you OWN STYLE as I mentor you privately away from the client.  You are not paid for this time that usually lasts just one hour. 

THE ONLY TIME YOU PAY ME BESIDES the monthly $150 when we are working together, is when you are “stuck” on the how to do your drawing of the property correctly or something we have to keep going over and over excessively.  I will tell you and give you a chance to figure this out on your own or get what you need out of materials I have provided or some other source. But if this fails to work and it is an essential part of doing this work on your own correctly then, I charge my Apprentices $75/hour with a minimum one hour charge.

It may happen 2-4 times in your program, which some people take 3 years to complete and others are through in a calendar year.

So, this is more defined and we will add it as an addendum to the contract we both sign, once the workshop is over and we are in private.

Now, in this case where you found land that we can do, but not the home?  You will get $100 finder’s fee for that, as we could actually work in a public park in your area.  It just isn’t as thorough but it works…

Please address any issues or questions as soon as you are able.

I am also adding to the Apprenticeship package a list of questions about how you learn the best.

I am looking forward to developing this with you!  

“if it’s meant to be, it will be!”  

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