MORE DETAILS for an Earth-Energy-Acupuncture INSTALLATION: 06/2020

Good Afternoon,

Ok here we go on your installation:

  1. If you need more rods and you are considering to APPRENTICE with me, just count them out what you need and I will sell them to you this way.  I doubt that you need 10 lbs. to finish your brother’s home.  
  2. A ten pound bundle of prepared rods costs you $300 at this time. If it were me, I would ask my brother to pay the fee for more rods.  I get $1 per square feet of living space including attached garage.  Remember where the big rocks were on the North side at Kyle’s house?  (the air conditioner was there?  I had Shane hammer most of that rocky area)

  3.  Prices vary some as the price of copper goes up and down.  It is high again and the fellow who cuts and bends them for me does a PRECISE cut and buffs them for me so we don’t hurt ourselves with them.

****you will not need more rods if you pull up the flags close to your apartment and move up into that first garden closest to the house.  You can reflag along the border of the walk or garden and that should save you about 20 pair, I would think.****



I would love to talk to you about anybody in Crestone you know who you may think would appreciate this work.  

It is known for helping CREATE SACRED SPACE besides all the other things listed on my website. 

The owner of Joyful Journey Hot Springs once had me down there to test around the 10 acres she owns out back of the hot springs.  A ‘green architect’ invited me down there.  She put me up and bought me dinner for me to walk around the property with him and dig and dowse for hot water.  (I have forgotten her name however as that was almost 30 years ago.)

I also dowsed for her for the “lines blocking the sale of the property”, and installed them while I was there.  This has made me some money with realtors in and property investors in the not too distant past.

Anyway, you are a good dowser!  At least for the EARTH ACUPUNCTURE LLC that I do!  You will realize if you do want to get in my Apprenticeship program, much more about the depth of this work and the benefits to doing it for people.


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