Mountain REALTOR says KIRIT put us Together for a Reason

Hello Karen,

This is AO, Kirit’s friend from Edwards.  It was serendipity we met (but we both always said there are no coincidences) on a chairlift ride skiing back about 10 years ago.  We instantly became fast and furious friends, and he helped me emotionally through a very difficult time.  

He, in turn, was always very grateful for the introductions I made for him here in the Vail Valley as I have been a resident since 1984.

KAREN: I have been in this state since 1974.  In 1980 I got a full PAID trip to the ASPEN WRITER’S Conference for a poetry book. 

 As well, I think he enjoyed the playful character I can be with my humor and authenticity.  In addition, I co-started the consciousness series for the Vail Symposium which was about the same time I met Kirit which he donated to help kick-start it.  

KAREN: Wowie zowie ‘bat woman’!  I helped start Boulder Women’s Business Group and had been Director many times of our 22 years of profitable existence.  I am so impressed with what little I know of the Vail Symposium.  More networking for you and I?  Holy, Moly, Guacamole.

Kirit and I always got together every visit he made to his sanctuary home here in Edwards.  His friendship, the late night deep conversations, our dinners and laughs will forever be missed. 

KAREN: On my FB page I posted about his loss to me…Karen Rice King.  Then, on my EARTH ACUPUNTURE page on FB I had stopped sobbing and sound more coherent. 

  Glad you have had some connection on the other side from him.  Would enjoy having that experience with him, however, I do feel his presence by consistently remembering that smile on his face and they way he called my name in his accent pronunciation “O”!  

KAREN: I absolutely love when others like Kirit call me ‘Kaaron’.  I have hated my name with it’s nasal sound Karen, but mostly because I heard it way too often in my childhood from a source of pain for me.

I noticed, ironically, you also work your real estate clearing . .

KAREN: In the early 1980s I worked in classified advertising with the Daily Camera, won a national customer service award from Knight Ridder who owned the newspaper. Since  leaving WHERE TO LIVE magazine as I set up their distribution.  Realtors were always recruiting me.  When I had a car ‘incident’ in 1990, I left all corporate jobs and was guided to start my practice.  The way I got paid by anyone was in relations with Realtors.  Ghost busting, dowsing for investors in real estate remotely, where they would call me at my home office and have me ‘scan’ the property and they did not even look at it if I felt it was a waste of time.   My folder was fat!  all of this weird stuff!  Now, I get at least $1 per square feet of living space to do a full EARTH ACUPUNCTURE installation on a home.  Like the one in Vail?  They paid my motel room and pretty high pricing way back then.  They have had so much success in the home and business….I must check in with them!

perhaps that was Kirit’s magic in connecting us! 

KAREN: You say here that you were given my information from Kirit? 

 Would like to understand more about that cost and what that entails.  Buyers and Sellers could always use some clearing to get out of their own way and listen to my advice on real estate (I tend to have a good intuitive knowing when there is a good property value or not).

KAREN:  Oh, of course you are intuitive.  Or you would not be working as a Realtor.  It takes a lot of energy and ability to “see” a home with the people.  I did work in a big employment agency in Boulder and had the most ‘placements’ in the office as it took a ‘match maker’, right?  Like with a buyer or seller?

I will gladly look at this with you.  I think my contracts with Realtors in 1991 were written up individually and I was paid $1000 if an offer on the home priced at $500,000 back then sold within 30 days of my work.   Some Realtor chose to pay me by the hour to dowse over the phone. (as well as buyers!). I was actually involved with many, many RE negotiations.  And of counsel to Realtors who have passed on in Boulder County.

So, please…use your intuition.  Dream on this!  Let us explore.  And get to know each other any way!!!  Just for the fun of it and in my dear friend Kirit’s memory!

And warm regards works for me as well!

Warm Regards,


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